The same people who told you Kyle Rittenhouse was a white supremacist who massacred black protesters are now telling you Waukesha was just a traffic accident…

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WATCH: MSNBC calls Waukesha massacre an ‘accident’

That commentator, Clint Watts, called it an accident despite the fact that witnesses said the driver stopped, then sped through the crowd, sending people flying in all directors in an act of complete mayhem.

MSNBC wasn’t the only outlet to say that the massacre, for which Brooks has been charged in Waukesha court with six intentional homicides, was an accident. CBS made a similar claim, stating that it was a “parade crash” that injured 18 children.

The US Council of Catholic Bishops also called it an accident when they issued a tweet offering their condolences to the victims.

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We pray for all those who are injured or who lost their lives in the tragic accident in #Waukesha, Wisconsin, especially for the families, parishioners, and priest in @archmil. Lord, hear our prayer.


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