The scale of what we are facing is unprecedented. We need solutions beyond the norm. We need them now.

by KidsSeeToasts

Yesterday, Governor of CA shared a fact in a live Facebook stream that illustrated magnitude of the issue that we are facing that I believe is greater than we can imagine.

He essentially made a comment about new claims for their unemployment program in the last four days being around 90k a day consistently for four continuous days. Meaning in four days that is an increase from around 4% to 7% in unemployment. Three of those four days were BEFORE statewide stay at home order, with certain businesses told to stay open and those to close.

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Think about that strongly for a second. That first statistic is unparalleled. Couple this with the fact that there are entire industries that went dark. From something to nothing. Transit. Tourism. Small business. Anything with human interaction. What will it be like tomorrow morning? Or next Sunday? Or in “a month, or maybe until July” that some people in spaces are saying?

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The curve of the economic situation is cascading beyond that of this virus and I TRULY think there is a serious lack of acknowledgement of the gravity of what we are facing in the coming days/weeks. Wake up America. Look at this curve.

We are facing something on the scale of the Great Depression and World War II in terms of innovation mobilization and solutions for what is needed to address what is to come.