The Science Behind Autism and its Correlation with Vaccinations

by JGCS7


The Rise of Autism

The Centers for Disease Control states:

“About 1 in 6 children in the United States had a developmental disability in 2006-2008, ranging from mild disabilities such as speech and language impairments to serious developmental disabilities, such as intellectual disabilities, cerebral palsy, and autism.”

The rates of autism have skyrocketed dramatically in the past two decades nearly 500%. In the year 2000, only 1 in 150 had autism. In the year 2014, that number climbed to 1 in 591. In 2018, that number has risen to 1 in 40. It should be expected that in the year 2023 that number will be roughly 1 in 21.

“Autism rates in schoolchildren jumped 15% between 2012 and 2014, continuing a two-decade rise, according to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which does not detail the reasons for the increase.”

— USA Today, April 26, 2018, by Karen Weintraub

“Roughly one in 40 U.S. children has been diagnosed with autism, and a national survey of parents suggests these kids have a harder time getting mental health services than youth with other emotional or behavioral issues.”

— Reuters, November 26, 2018, by Lisa Rapaport

According to The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP):

“The estimated prevalence of US children with a parent-reported ASD diagnosis is now 1 in 40.”4

According to a Jama Pediatrics report, findings show that:

“The cost of supporting an individual with an ASD and intellectual disability during his or her lifespan was $2.4 million in the United States and £1.5 million (US $2.2 million) in the United Kingdom.”5

What is accounting for this sudden and rapid increase in the developmental disorder called autism? I will explore those reasons in detail, with a focus on aluminum, by examining how vaccines induce toxicity in the human body.

Autism has shown a rapid increase along with the increased rate of vaccinations in children given from birth, until the age of 18. The amount of vaccinations has increased from 2 to 3 on average after birth in 1990, to 30+ on average in the year 2018—this is a conservative estimate. Some personal reports indicate 50+ are given. I have listed a modern vaccine schedule in the references below2. The Hepatitis B vaccine is given 24 hours after birth, and a 2nd dose at 1 to 2 months old. At 2 months, DTaP (involving 3 vaccinations in one), and 4 other vaccines are given. The process is repeated in the 4th month, and again in the 6th month. It is at 6 months, and annually thereafter that the flu vaccine is given, usually always by needle injection.*There has been no long-term study of the vaccine schedule nor the cumulative effect of vaccines in the human body3.

Ask yourself: Is the human population getting healthier as a result of this drastic increase of vaccinations, or is health deteriorating? As I have shown, autism rates continue to gradually increase along with the increased rate of vaccinations. This must not be ignored, for within this understanding is the answer to why the prevalence of autism is what it is today. But how, according to modern medical science, do vaccines work?

How Do Vaccines Work?

(partial explanation for shortness)

Vaccines are supposed to work by provoking the immune response, with the help of an antigen and adjuvant, the latter being made of aluminum nano-particles that invoke the immune system, thereby provoking the production of antibodies. Animal virus tissue is injected into the body along with this adjuvant. The immune response is thusly elevated and anti-bodies are formed to fight against viruses in the future, according to science. But is this the truth of science and reality?

Concerning The Function of Vaccination, and Hyper-Stimulation of the Immune Response:

Aluminum in vaccines helps to artificially elevate the immune response when injected. This is because aluminum in this form is an immune system irritant and allergen, and is stated as such by vaccine manufacturers. These nano-particles of metal find and lodge their way into the brain and spinal cord where they are deposited. I have listed in the section below the ways aluminum stores in the body and the damage it does. These adjuvants easily pass through the blood-brain barrier because they are in such a small particle form that their ability to travel into such regions is made easier, permeability is increased via infection by the hyper-stimulated immune response.

In this process, immune cells are provoked and secrete cytokines (types of proteins that direct cell behavior) to produce antibodies by white blood cells (in this case, lymphocytes), but this process creates antibodies that are mutant in nature due to the extreme reaction of the immune system. These mutant antibodies do not go dormant for many years and do not turn off as a natural immune response would. As such, the immune response is constantly in an unnaturally elevated state that does not turn off easily.


Regarding the immediate trauma that vaccines cause in many people, the eminent scientist and physician, Dr. William F. Koch, M.D., Ph.D. said:

“The injection of any serum, vaccine, or even penicillin has shown a very marked increase in the incidence of polio – at least 400%. Statistics are so conclusive no one can deny it.”

The long term effects of vaccines are just as harmful. Vaccines are made of disease, mercury, aluminum, formaldehyde and other poisonous chemicals. Pharmaceutical houses manufacture diseases in animal tissue. The diseases are sterilized to make vaccines. Sterilization alters the RNA, DNA, structure and actions of diseases or virus. The body cannot find the logical reason for the unnatural disease or virus. Nor can it find the key to the time that the bacteria or virus will be active. Therefore the body creates mutant antibodies that do not go dormant for up to decades.

These mutant antibodies remain active long after the disease or virus becomes inactive. The mutant antibodies eat sub-particles from the inside of amino acids (proteins) in the blood.31 That renders proteins unstable. The amount of proteins damaged and lost to mutant antibodies depends on the number of vaccines. Because amino acids are the primary building blocks of cells, the consequence is cellular malnutrition. In all animals, the malnutrition causes gradual genetic mutations, resulting in weaknesses, diseases, malfunctions, and deformities. The lifespan of mutant antibodies varies, from at least 1 year (penicillin) up to 50 years (polio).32 Each vaccine multiplies the number of mutant antibodies, which increases cellular malnutrition and results in greater weaknesses, diseases, malfunctions and deformities.

31 The nature of the sub-particles eaten from proteins is explained in The Persecution and Trial of Gaston Naessensby Christopher Bird

32 The body reacts to antibiotics (like penicillin, tetracycline, etc.) the same as it does to vaccines – that is, mutant antibodies are created.

This also erodes the delicate myelin of the child, the fatty coating around the brain, causing the brain to become more susceptible to damage from vaccines thereafter, especially nerve damage which I will cover in the next section. Myelin insulation is not fully developed at birth. As a result, unprotected nerves are more readily damaged from vaccine induced toxicity. This is called autoimmune encephalomyelitis.

How Aluminum Stores in the Body:

Aluminum nano-particles are stored in the body, and these particles dissolve slowly over time. These substances have low solubility, and are therefore not filtered from the kidneys. Aluminum particles do not necessarily appear in the blood in high amounts because these particles are eaten by the processes of phagocytosis. Monocytes, a type of white blood cell, feed upon foreign debris and tissue to cleanse them from the body at and around the site of injection. During this janitorial process these cells travel throughout the lymphatic system thus bringing the aluminum particulate they feed upon with them into various organs and tissue, including the brain and spine where they are more easily deposited. When those cells enter these areas after 1 to 2 days, they are called macrophages, where they become part of phagocytosis. Once they reach these areas, they eventually are dissolved and die due to their own metal toxicity since they cannot readily discard such substances easily, and in the process the settlement of these metals occur. The reason these metals are more attracted to areas such as the brain and spine is because they use metallic minerals to conduct light and electrical energy throughout the nervous system, such as iron and other such minerals.

Aluminum is classified as a neurotoxin that does not occur naturally in the human body. Yet, in this current age of deception, individuals like Paul A. Offit has alluded to the non-fact that aluminum is a nutrient used by the body itself. The reason aluminum would be classified as such, is because aluminum toxicity is so widespread that it is easily and readily found within tissue and/or blood. However, This does not mean it is a nutrient whatsoever that is actually utilized by the body. In perfect conditions, aluminum is not found within the body.

How Damage is Caused:

As the body detoxifies over time, the cleansing cycle takes place, which could begin years from the initial accumulation. Subsequent toxicity from vaccines causes a quicker buildup, and thus a detoxification may occur sooner. This cleansing process happens during sleep, when the nervous system and brain are at rest. When it does decide to cleanse toxicity from the brain and spine, it uses bacteria and/or virus to do so. Waste products are excreted from these processes and discharged through the spine via cerebrospinal fluid, and through the mucosal membranes of the nose via mucus, wherein they can then be excreted from the body, or perspired out through the skin. Yet this is not as simple a process when it involves such substances as metals.

As a result of metallic toxicity from aluminum, Zeta-Potential is destroyed7; nuero-serums in the brain that allow for neurons to move smoothly. This causes clotting making smooth movement of these substances to become restricted, causing a back-up and sedimentation in blood restricting proper blood flow. This essentially causes mini-strokes to occur in the brain, including scarring and hardening. Because of this, great cellular and nerve destruction occurs in these areas. Further deterioration of the spine and brain occur as bacteria and/or viruses appear from infection and the resultant inflammation in order to dissolve accumulated toxicity in and around the tissue of the body. But because this process involves inorganic substances, they cannot readily cleanse the body as they normally could, essentially eating and destroying healthy tissue in the process of attempting the removal of these substances. This makes it appear as though the body is attacking its own tissue, but this is partly an illusion. This function is also present in diseases such as polio, cerebral palsy, and Alzheimer’s Disease etc. All of these neurological diseases share almost the same functions; various levels of paralysis of the brain and nervous system.

Virus and bacteria’s role in the human body, contrary to modern medical science, is to cleanse foreign tissue and debris in order so that is may maintain relative homeostasis. Virus are manufactured in their whole form cellularly to cleanse themselves and surrounding tissue, when the process of phagocytosis, bacterial, parasitical, and fungal processes are largely destroyed due to systemic toxicity.

“If you take water into your system as a drink, it goes into your bloodstream directly from the stomach, but if you take in fats, they move in through your lymphatic system. When you take other substances like carbohydrates and proteins, they go into the intestines and from there are passed into the liver as the body’s chemical filter. Before they go out into the blood and circulate in the body. Most of your vaccination serums and proteins are not filtered by the liver, consequently vaccinations can be a terrific shock to the system. Injections of foreign substances like viruses, toxins and foreign proteins into the blood stream via vaccinations, have been associated with diseases and disorders to the blood, brain, nervous system and skin. Rare diseases such as atypical measles and monkey fever as well as such well-known disorders as premature aging, allergies, etc. have been associated with vaccines. Also linked to immunizations are such well-known diseases as cancer, leukemia, paralysis, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, and sudden infant death syndrome.”

— Dr. William Albrecht, Physician’s Desk Reference 34th Edition, 1980

I will now show two of my own theories of how autism can possibly arise in children:

How Autism Is Passed onto Children

In the adult, the body stores metals in the brain and spine causing cellular destruction. This causes genetic mutation in the parent which is then passed from parent to child causing developmental disorders in the early stages of growth in the fetus. These metals are introduced in the majority of the population through tap water, canned foods, canned drinks, nonstick and aluminum cookware, deodorants, soaps, baking powders, candies, and other such items. These cause steady accumulation of aluminum, metals, and heavy metals in the population over a period of years. As a result of this, widespread neurological maladies increase and grow, and is passed onto the parents’ children. It is usually the sperm of the male parent that is affected, but during pregnancy, the mother can induce her own toxicity to the fetus in various ways. However, what must be noted is that an adult may not necessarily have signs of autism, but because these metals cause certain cellular destruction especially in the reproductive areas, the child becomes much more susceptible. This accounts for the reason a parent may not exhibit signs of autism, yet the child does, even if vaccines are not received in either. It must also be noted that it is not only metal that inhibits proper child development. It is also due to many environmental factors, one of which is high levels of fluoride and lead in water, toothpastes, and bottled water for children. This in combination with the detrimental effects of metallic toxicity creates certain toxic degenerative conditions, especially neurological.

Another Way Autism Occurs in Children:

A 2nd way autism can occur is through what I call ‘rapid vaccine induced toxicity’ (RVIT) after birth. This occurs almost instantly in children who receive vaccinations, such as the Hepatitis B vaccine given merely 24 hours after birth or before. As stated in the previous sections, myelination has not yet occurred to its full extent, and does not begin to fully develop until the age of 20 and into early adulthood. This means that the elevated immune response, and the resultant infection, is much more likely to cause damage to the function of the brain bringing about developmental autism; a stunted growth wherein the brain and nervous system cannot properly develop as it should. Without proper myelin, the brain is not insulated or protected. This is why vaccine induced toxicity is such a problem for children.*This proceeds the earlier topic above, where I covered the science behind how this elevated immune response works, and why the injection of foreign tissue along with adjuvant causes the body to become overly alerted, creating an immune response that is unnatural. This process of rapid vaccine induced toxicity also has the potential of occurring at later stages other than newborn, if vaccines are administered.

Known Ingredients in Vaccines That Also Cause Toxicity6:

  • Aluminum hydroxide (directly linked to Alzheimer’s Disease)
  • Aluminum phosphate (directly linked to Alzheimer’s Disease)
  • Ammonium sulfate (an inorganic chemical compound used a fertilizer and “protein purifier”; known to cause kidney & liver damage, gastrointestinal dysfunctions)
  • Amphotericin B (an “antifungal disinfectant” that damages the urinary tract, bowels, heart functions)
  • Animal tissues: pig blood, horse blood, rabbit brain, dog kidney, monkey kidney, chick embryo, chicken egg, duck egg, and calf (bovine) serum, fetal bovine serum VERO cells, a continuous line of monkey kidney cells, and washed sheep’s red blood cells. Those build foundation for neurological diseases)
  • Betapropiolactone (disinfectant)
  • Ethylene glycol (antifreeze, proven to have extreme neurotoxic side effects)
  • Formaldehyde (used as a preservative, embalming fluid, and disinfectant, known to cause cancer, chronic bronchitis, eye irritation and numerous other diseases)
  • Formalin (used as a disinfectant or anti-bacterial, containing 37% formaldehyde)
  • Gelatin (causes allergic reactions and anaphylaxis usually associated with sensitivity to processed egg or gelatin)
  • Gentamycin (antibiotic: destroys digestion and impairs healing)
  • Glycerol (used as a solvent, an antifreeze, a plasticizer, and a sweetener and in the manufacture of dynamite, cosmetics, liquid soaps, inks, and lubricants)
  • MF-59 (oil-based and composed of squalene, Tween 80 and Span85. All oil adjuvants injected into rats were found to be toxic, caused disease similar to multiple sclerosis which left them crippled and dragging their paralyzed hindquarters)
  • Human diploid cells (from aborted fetal tissue)
  • Hydrolyzed gelatin (obtained by chemical extraction from the skin, white connective tissue and bones of animals, such as cowhide splits, bones (ossein), pork skin, and fish skin)
  • Monosodium glutamate (MSG; causes cancer in humans, also linked to obesity)
  • Neomycin (antibiotic: destroys digestion and impairs healing)
  • Neomycin sulfate (antibiotic: destroys digestion and impairs healing)
  • Nonoxynol (toxic chemotherapy used to treat venereal diseases)
  • Octoxinol 9 (toxic chemical used in vagina to kill sperm)
  • Phenol red indicator (a highly toxic carolic acid disinfectant dye, attributed to liver, kidney, heart and respiratory damage)
  • Phenoxyethanol (antifreeze, proven to have extreme neurotoxic side effects)
  • Potassium diphosphate (destroys libido and motivation)
  • Potassium monophosphate (destroys libido and motivation)
  • Polymyxin B (antibiotic: destroys digestion, damages liver and kidneys, and impairs healing)
  • Polysorbate 20 (trademarked Tween 20; emulsifier that often prevents absorption of nutrients causing malnutrition)
  • Polysorbate 80 (trademarked Tween 80: a preservative that can cause severe allergic reactions including anaphylaxis)
  • Porcine (pig) pancreatic hydrolysate of casein (isolated concentration of certain proteins that cause nutritional imbalances, allergies and often excessive hunger or the opposite anorexia)
  • Residual MRC5 proteins (chemically isolated toxic proteins from cancerous DNA)
  • Resin (causes allergic reactions)
  • Sodium phosphate (solvent, dangerous, even lifethreatening, toxicity may occur while using sodium phosphate if you have kidney disease, have congestive heart failure, have an electrolyte imbalance; or are on a sodium restricted diet)
  • Sorbitol (sugar alcohol that dissolve intestinal villi)
  • Squalene (causes severe arthritis and lupus in humans at only 10-20 parts per billion)
  • Sucrose (dissolves cellular walls and intestinal villi)
  • Thimerosal (mercury; a neurotoxin linked to psychological, neurological & immunological problems. Nervous system damage, kidney disease, birth defects, dental problems, mood swings, mental changes, hallucinations, memory loss, nerve damage and inability to concentrate can occur. Symptoms also include tremors, loss of dermal sensitivity, slurred speech and, in rare cases, even death and paralysis. This additive alone was the catalyst for another recent Class Action Lawsuit organized by mothers of children born with Autism & the many related behavioral disorders associated with it. Autism is now occurring at levels never seen before in history, 1 in 67. The average used to be 1 in 20,000.)
  • Tri(n)butylphosphate (solvent and plasticizer)
  • Triton X100 (a strong detergent)


  • Aluminum adjuvant from vaccines, and other such metals from the environment, are deposited in the body.
  • The processes of phagosytosis carries these metals into various organs and tissues within the body, including the brain.
  • Metal is deposited from the cellular destruction of the processes of phagocytosis, wherein these cells self dissolve and die due to their own metal toxicity.
  • Zeta-Potential is destroyed in this process; serums in the brain that maintain smooth movement of neurons. This causes coagulation/congestion and clotting of blood flow to and in brain, which causes strokes in the brain, brain lesions and scarring, and hardening of the brain.
  • The brain and spine more readily store these metals because they use metallic minerals to reflect and conduct light and electrical energy throughout the nervous system.
  • Lack of adequate myelination in newborn children greatly increase the likelihood of damage to the brain and nerves. Demylination from vaccine damage thereafter opens the brain and nerves up to further damage.
  • Autism can occur in more than one way: Two ways include through mutated genetics of the male parent caused by metal toxicity over time, which causes such reproductive harm. Or more commonly, through rapid vaccine induced toxicity—(RVIT).


Vaccine induced toxicity is largely to blame for the incredible increase in autism and developmental disorders. Metals from the environment play a large role as well, but is not as much of an immediate direct threat as that of vaccines; but their threat is a reality nonetheless. Vaccines can cause instant damage to the undeveloped child. As well as this, the accumulation of vaccine toxicity over ones life is a danger to all children and adults that receive them. This includes all vaccines—some being more dangerous than others, but all being dangerous, and all being ineffective. The toxicity accumulated through the use of 30+ vaccines almost certainly guarantees the manifestation of disease at a later point in life, even if autism has already occurred from it in the early stages. Each body responds differently, but more often than not they respond in similar ways to one another.

It is not merely the metal and chemical toxicity of vaccines that are a threat to health—it is vaccine itself, irregardless of ingredients. The very premise of vaccines cannot work, nor can they ever work, for vaccines are predicated upon the false Germ Theory of disease that states virus and bacterium cause disease. This is a subject for another posting, but is a subject that goes to the heart of why the medical industry operates as it does today. And it is a subject that must be understood before understanding how vaccines are supposed to work. Vaccines are a great deception to mankind, whom has lived on this earth relatively disease-free since their existence without the use of vaccinations; living in vibrant health where they had access to natural food, and clean air and water.

Vaccine supporters point to better diagnosis being the cause of autism, yet as I have shown, this is simply not the case. For this to be the case, a spectrum of diseases would show a decline in light of this better way of diagnosis, but the data does not reflect this. Diagnosis would hardly be any different 20 years ago to what it is today, and in the past 30 years, there has been a steady increase of autism, and ‘autism-like’ disorders. The increase of autism is real. Compounding the problem is a great cognitive dissonance especially with regards to vaccination, for admitting fault with your own ignorance and complacency comes at a personal price and toll—the awakening; the price of admitting that you have possibly damaged yourself, your children, and your family’s health as a result of your unwillingness to seek out the truth of what you are placing into your body. That you stubbornly believed the majority without hesitation. In this way, one would have to admit fault with themselves if they were to seek out this truth; to realize that it is possible they were in fact wrong in their initial stance. Pride, ego, and fear dictate their belief system, and they will not be moved unless they are open to the truth and all therein.

This taking place is usually never the outcome for such people. Emotions are used against the weak-minded, and they succumb to the temptation to displace their courage to question, when their intuitive instincts tell them otherwise. After-all, who are you to question someone who has the authority and credentials to back themselves up? Who are you to question the majority of the population and popular belief? And yet, it is the majority who time and time again, because of their great ignorance toward truth, allowed such authority to maintain control over them, and because of their willingness to go along to get along, they gladly get in line to be sheered and slaughtered.





(Institute of Medicine report on vaccines, review by NVIC, 2011. — Thanks to Tsuikaya for this study.)



6 The Only Answer to Cancer, 2009, by Leonard Coldwell

7 We Want to Live, 2007 2nd edition, page 135 & 223 by Aajonus Vonderplanitz