The Science Finds Climate Change Increases Online Hate Speech

by Chris Black

I bet you didn’t see this coming:

These people have no shame at all.

They build lies upon lies.

Global warming is a lie. Greenhouse gasses are a tiny fraction of what shapes weather, carbon dioxide is a tiny fraction of greenhouse gasses, and “made-made” carbon is a tiny fraction of carbon.

On top of that hoax, they build the hoax of “hate speech,” which doesn’t exist. If someone is talking to you hatefully on the internet, man-up or close the window.

 If you are going insane from reading something and you continue to read it, you have a personal problem.

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Temperatures outside of our comfort zone may lead to an increase in online hate speech, a study has found.

A statistical analysis of more than four billion tweets found that temperatures above 30°C lead to an increase in online hate across climate zones and socioeconomic differences, such as income and political preferences.

But it’s not just hot temperatures that get bigots’ blood boiling. Temperatures below 12°C were also seen to increase the number of hate messages posted on Twitter.

The research, published in The Lancet Planetary Health and based on tweets from Twitter users in the United States, found that outside of a comfort zone of 12 and 21°C, aggressive online behaviour increased.



Is there anything climate change can’t do?


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