The Secret Reasons TPTB Want 5G

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by Natura Naturans


1. Make it possible for the police state to drive by with a passive scanner that emits nothing at all, and read the 5G backscatter to map everything inside a home to minute detail. The resolution will be good enough to read the time on a watch, from the street, through the walls. Sounds great.

2. Cause tons of mysterious injuries from cataracts to cancer to brain damage, and no one will report it because the back scatter scanning tech is something they won’t let go of easily and the entire MSM is a false fronting hoax.

3. Facilitate a gun grab, because no one, and I mean NO ONE will be able to hide their guns. From the curb they are going to know every gun you have, every bullet you have and possibly even if the guns are clean and what position the firing pin is in. It is THAT BAD.

The technology is too dangerous to use. Due to the high frequencies, it has to use a phase array antenna to reach a tower, that will focus too much energy in too small an amount of tissue. Slow, creeping diffuse brain injuries are going to be happening. And “they” will know the cause, but will bury it the same way they bury the vaccine/autism link. They don’t care about (your) brain damage anyway, as proven by the fact that they will knowingly wreck kids and force all to get the shots that do it and then they lie about it all, including what the motives are.

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When this tech rolls into your neighborhood you will have to find ways to shield yourself. It is too early to know exactly how but the signal is going to be very strong because it has a hard time penetrating so they will need to put out a far stronger signal. You will have to know where the signal is coming from, it will be direct line of sight. If your head is between your cell phone and the antenna the signal will be VERY strong right through your head. You may want to avoid that.



In NY City 5G towers have already gone up in neighborhoods and people are getting sick. Here is a story from one:

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DHS Employee blows the whistle on 5G illness among TSA workers near the body scanners:


5G satellites are coming, but the high costs of implementation may slow it down. Here is a story of one company putting up a 5G satellite right now:

New York (CNN Business)For decades, companies have wanted to beam cheap, high-speed internet down to consumers from space. Some businesses have already tried and failed.

Virginia-based startup OneWeb just took a small step toward making it happen. The company — whose backers include SoftBank, (SFTBF) Coca-Cola (KO), Airbus (EADSF) and Virgin Group — launched its first batch of six satellites from French Guiana on Wednesday afternoon.
Over the next couple of years, OneWeb plans to keep launching batches of satellites until hundreds of them are in orbit.
The first internet service could come online in 2020. By 2021, OneWeb plans to offer the first global, “5G ready” internet coverage.

These satellites will cover the entire Earth with the exeption being the poles.…index.html



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