THE SEINFELD EFFECT: How to make a story out of nothing.

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Axios and Politico breathlessly report that “Judge orders White House to preserve records of Trump’s calls with foreign leaders.” Well, my, oh my, that must mean something serious is happening! We’ve got him now!

Not so much. In the initial stages of ANY lawsuit (even the fender-bender down the street) once an action has commenced parties are REQUIRED to preserve records. Here, the “whistleblower” had asked for an injunction ordering preservation and the Trump team agreed before the judge even “ruled.” The judge’s minute order said:

“In accordance with Defendants’ representations to the Court which obviated consideration of the motion for temporary injunctive relief since there was no issue in dispute, defendants are hereby ORDERED to preserve…”

This is an example of the hype-fest circus going on. If there are any courtroom hearings, I fully expect Axios to report that “An armed court security officer was present in the courtroom.”


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