The Severe Global Economic DEFLATION Rages On! Real Economy and Stock Market Diverge.

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There’s a big difference in between the STOCK MARKET and the ECONOMY. People need to get that straight. Do you see the divergence? (Particularly in recent decades)

Stock markets have risen but the economy continues to weaken. Globally we have seen stocks rise everywhere in a straight line upward since the end of 2018. Throughout 2018 however, we had witnessed protracted weakness among several economic indicators. But of course, the media refuses to cover that. They won’t touch it. But for those who want the truth, it’s out there for us to see.

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GDPNow – Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta

2019-03-01_7-02-11.jpg (890×465)


‘Technical’ Recession Possible In Canada After Disappointing Economic Data: TD Bank | HuffPost Canada

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Weaker GDP Than Anyone Expected Shows Canadian Growth Stalling – BNN Bloomberg

Stock markets higher in late-morning trading, loonie falls – BNN Bloomberg

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2019-03-01_5-53-25.jpg (890×459)

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Q2 2018 Automotive Finance Trends

Heineken USA Cuts 15 Percent of Workforce |




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