The Single Largest Gold Stockpile in the World Is Underneath New York City

via Yahoo:

About 80 feet below Wall Street lies about 6,350 tons of gold, made up of about 508,000 bars, that are collectively worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

According to ‘Key to the Gold Vault,’ a Federal Reserve Bank of New York (FRBNY) publication, the gold vault in the New York Fed’s basement “is the world’s largest accumulation of gold and belongs to 36 foreign governments, central banks, and official international organizations.”

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Those depositors need to make sure their stash is safe.

There’s only one way to get into the vault: a 90-ton steel door that spins in a cylinder motion to open the accessway. When any compartment inside the vault is opened, three people, including one New York Fed auditor, must be present to ensure that the gold is safe.

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