THE STILL REPORT: Is The FBI Linked To Mass Shootings?

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I have hesitated and hesitated and hesitated to make this link, but at some point I’m not doing the truth any favors to not mention it as a possibility.
There may be a secretive element within the FBI – or possibly not part of the FBI, but working closely with it – that will stop at nothing to help Deep State maintain its power. Unfortunately, that doesn’t just mean like – dirty tricks. I mean stopping at nothing, including a Murder, Inc., sort of system that may on the one hand work to eliminate reporters, but on another hand even be facilitating these mass shootings to serve some perverse political agenda like repeal of the 2nd amendment and the removal of the President.

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Yes, evidence seems to be mounting that the FBI has been involved in support for, or encouragement of several of the mass shootings of the last few years.
I know that this concept was so out there just a few months ago, I wouldn’t even have muttered this possibility to my wife for fear of being tin-foiled. But this stonewalling of documents has now reached the emergency zone where many are wondering – why?. Three committees of the House of Representatives have now subpoenaed a total of 1.2 million documents over the course of the last 2 years and have only received around 3,000 of them. Only criminals behave this way.

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