The Stock Market has just topped out (@Dow 30,600). January is going to be a shitstorm.

by mark000

Markets think the pandemic is OVER. In reality the worst phase of it is about to occur. People are going to be dying AT HOME soon. This article explains why The Mutation is a game changer:

Increased transmissibility can wreak havoc in a very, very short time—especially when we already have uncontrolled spread in much of the United States. The short-term implications of all this are significant

The vaccine is too late, and its rollout was always going to be a mess:

Add into this the political tornado Trump and his supporters are going to unleash over the next two weeks and we have the foundation for one big market panic.

Watch as these massive negative events unfold during January. Both of which are going to be called totally UNEXPECTED when they occur.

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Edit: February = Global Financial Crisis 2021 edition?

Debt defaults among businesses and countries are rising, and these could cascade through the financial system and possibly trigger another financial crisis, the former head of the Bank of England said Monday.

In a world already swimming in colossal amounts of debt, how will they try and stop another GFC spiraling into systemic collapse? With More Debt, of course. Lots more…….Because that will keep working Forever won’t it?


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