The Stock Market Will Fall Within 12 Months: Morgan Stanley. What Will TRIGGER the Crash?

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Jam packed episode today! This was one of those “what the hell was he thinking?” episodes. Those are classic. I hope you enjoyed it. This type of information simply doesn’t ever get connected together. We need these dots connected and always stay on top of it.

We’re looking at the markets and watching them boom. Countless days in the green. Conditions are worsening in the real economy but who really gives a damn. Right? Or, we can objectively look at the data and analyze everything we have, to make sure that what we are seeing is supporting our understanding of what’s going on in the economy. It’s really up to you. Ignorance is bliss some would say.

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The Stock Market Will Fall In December 2018: Morgan Stanley. What Will TRIGGER the Crash? – YouTube

Financial markets enjoy strongest start to the year in over a decade despite recession fears

MS Cycle 2.jpg (517×262)

MS signal components.jpg (1096×451)

Morgan Stanley’s recession dashboard is flashing a signal it’s never shown before — and the firm has put together a game plan to avoid the losses to come

World trade: Doubts remain, despite strong start to 2019 | Snap | ING Think

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Things are only getting tougher for Fed Chair Jerome Powell

Why Corporate America’s profits are set to drop – MarketWatch

Goldman: Earnings outlook is getting grimmer by the day

The Stock Market Is Just as Confused About a Potential Recession as You Are

Apple slashes iPhone prices in China

Retail sales February 2019

bfm58C5.jpg (976×508)

bfm485E.jpg (976×509)

2019-04-01_0.png (512×261)

Nearly 5 million homeowners can now save money on their mortgages





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