The Strike Group Is The Show, Trust The Plan, A Plan Within A Plan

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House speaker Paul Ryan will not run for reelection, many other government officials will be resigning and not seeking reelection. Trump signs a new bill to fight online sex trafficking. White Helmets staged another chemical attack in Syria. Russia is investigating ground zero and they see no evidence of chemical weapons used, or do they see any bodies that were effected. France, UK and other countries are ready to strike. The OPCW is ready to meet on April 16th to inspect the chemical attack. The deep state wants a strike as soon as possible before there is an investigation, because the investigation will show that Assad did not pull off this attack. Syrian military assets are now being moved to Russian bases and missile systems are on high alert. Trump is allegedly making a decision this evening to attack or not to attack. The strike group will not be in the area until May. At this point the strike group is for show, Trump is orchestrating this plan to get the corporate media, the neocons, the deep state all riled up that war is headed our way, the opposite is about to happen.

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