Wednesday Funny: CT Democrat gubernatorial candidate dragged off by police

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by Dr. Eowyn

Liberals really are mentally ill!

Lee Whitnum, a Democrat, 58, declared herself a candidate in Connecticut’s gubernatorial race and filed the necessary paper work more than a year ago.

On Monday, April 9, 2018, the Brookfield Democratic Town Committee held a gubernatorial candidates debate at Brookfield High School.

Whitnum was told she was not welcome by Laura Orban, the chair of the Brookfield Democratic Town Committee.

But Whitnum showed up anyway and refused leave.

She said in a statement: “I had every right to be at that debate. I am a declared candidate for governor. My paperwork was filed more than a year ago. I told them I would be attending.” (NBC Connecticut)

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First, Whitnum clung to her desk, even though all the other candidates had left the stage.

Then, Whitnum threw herself onto the floor.

It took three police officers to drag Whitnum off the stage.


Whitnum was charged with second-degree breach of peace and simple trespass. She was released on a $500 bond is scheduled to appear in court on April 19.

Here’s the video:

Some comments from viewers of the YouTube video:

“You’re never getting elected you fucking lunatic. 5 previous arrests, 3 failed bids for office. Id say you’ve gotten your 3 strikes, you’re out bitch!”

“Lol soooo we have the ex con, the guy that bankrupted Hartford, a clown, and a crazy running for governor?? I bet one of them gets in too!! 😂”

“Lee Whitnum …my two year old used to pull this crap. He’s twelve now and knows better. You are a grown woman. There is absolutely no excuse for adults to behave like this. Thanks for the vote of confidence that democrats are getting their act together. SMFH. I’m going independent. Something is seriously wrong with you Whitnum.”

In 2013, Whitnum was arrested for stalking a judge. (Stamford Advocate)

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