The Sugar Conspiracy

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by girlwithpolkadots

This will be a short one because I know much has been written about food in the conspiracy world.

I was recently diagnosed with a disease that affects my periods and fertility. I decided to go on keto, thinking it would not really do much.

Immediately I saw changes. I feel better, I look better, and my body is getting back to normal. I am not even extreme. I limit my carbs to 50 – 75 a day.

Now, this conspiracy is particularly about women. So many times I see posts about how women get so fat and they claim they cannot lose the weight. I believe it! Many men feel they are being lazy, but something is going wrong with the carbs and how they affect women. When you are eating tons of carbs, even while cutting calories, it is really tough to lose weight.

Plus, I noticed how much less hungry I feel. Before I would feel hungry a few hours after I ate. Now I feel really satisified.

I still eat some unhealthy meals, but when I have been trying lately my body literally throws it up. It is like trash to my body now.

Anyway, here is some science to back up what I say:

Yes, yes, all of those fringe doctors on YouTube and your keto/paleo friends are all correct. Sugar is horrible for your health, and we’ve actually known it for decades, but have been suppressing science, and pumping it into your food, and have created a global health crisis by doing so. But at least we’re admitting to it, now, r-right?? You can still trust us, r-right?? … Oh, and while you’re at it, we need to start eating more soya, corn, plastic rice, bugs, and other humans to save the planet! It’s the new, healthy and nutritious foodstuff of the future



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