The System is out of balance and becoming a threat to its host. Us.

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For the record.

This is a warning. Systemic parasitism is out of balance and becoming a lethal threat to the host. Us.

Any living system or eco-system relies on three generic evolutionary, intelligent and autonomous, strategies for energy-exchange, and only three.

These are {Individualism, Collectivism, Parasitism}. Together they are an absolute. One u-set. Inseparable, but interoperable.

At the level of consciousness, they are “ways of thinking” and expressed as thought-forms (egregores) and narratives.

They are central to consciousness, human intelligence, and thinking. They belong to our collective consciousness. They are central to how we organize as a society. We live them, every day.

They are fundamental to politics, even though parasitism work outside the traditional political spectrum of individualism vs. collectivism.

Anyone will easily be able to define, recognize and appreciate them. You know them intimately.

In biology, we see them expressed through the triune of {Predator, Symbiote, Parasite} that are used by all species, both interspecies (i.e most species displays a mixture that is fine-tuned and balanced) and in the intricate interplay of species (i.e these strategies compound to how nature works).

Parasitism is in a constant battle with its hosts, that keep defending themselves. This dynamic is a key vector for evolution, pathology, innovation, and imagination.

Parasitism is neither good nor bad. It is a systemic natural phenomenon, an archetype, and autonomous intelligence. It is central to life. Without it, nothing would exist. It serves a definable purpose. Its intelligence and logic are quite immense, yet systemic by nature (i.e more artificial intelligence than real sentience).

We – humanity – are above it in the sense that we can identify it, control it, and mitigate. But only if we see it and understand it.

A typical modus operandi for systemic parasitism on the strategic level is:

Infiltrate, Contaminate, Appropriate, Eliminate. (ICAE).

Very often the same MO is implemented in nature, where various parasite species overwhelm the host to serve their purpose of energy extraction in one way or the other.

The I, C, and A seem to have been achieved by now through the many systemic proxies that are embedded in our global system.

No humans are parasites, but many are under the parasitic influence. Unknowingly.

The threshold for imbalance in our collective consciousness has been transgressed, meaning nature will have to correct or succumb.

Humanity is now the rope in this tug of war. The current situation is an attempt to correct. Covid has a central role in this.

This transgression makes it intrusive and alien to the human mind (and body), why we can consider this an attack.

It seems it is approaching the “eliminate” stage, less someone intervenes.

Nature always tries to correct if there is an imbalance. This happens now. Don’t know what consequences this will have. Expects them to be immense, but positive when settled.

Fear is the base problem, and parasitism is the fear expert par excellence. Fear is induced. It is NOT natural. It is a construct. An experience. You do not find fear in nature, but caution and awareness.

Constant Fear is brain chemistry in the human brain, but if your amygdala is directly affected, it can seem very real to you.

Eyes open and no fear.

h/t Comperio


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