The system of abuse and fear mongering has backfired. More people are “waking up” than ever before.

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by FringeCenterPodcast

Every election cycle there’s a virus to fear. Swine flu, bird flu, Zika, covid19 etc.

They only show police brutality on the news during election years to scare blacks and Hispanics into voting democrat.

They only talk about immigration being a problem on election years to scare poor whites into voting republican.

But this year they went overboard.

The amount of ad revenue they made off covid panic alone must be huge. It’s a big part of their plans.

So they kept pushing. And they went too far.

Covid panic lead to lockdowns that most of the masses favored due to fear.

But it quickly began to kill small businesses.

Almost a quarter of small businesses have shut down and won’t reopen.

This began the backlash.

Civilization has ebbs and flows. Peaks and valleys.

Anytime you push super hard in one direction, the pendulum will eventually swing back.

What you are seeing and about to see in 2021 is one of the greatest awakenings imaginable.

They will keep paying people scraps from the table.

The vaccines for covid will have unfortunate effects that gain social media but little MSM attention, etc

Ultimately 2021 will be a year that many mark as the year they stopped believing fairytales spun by manipulative opportunists and psychos at the top

Balance in the universe is a common motif in most world religions.

This year has been a huge swing in the direction of control for the elites.

Wait til you see what the human spirit does in the coming months




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