The Tech Start-Ups Finding Success in the iGaming Industry

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The world of iGaming is changing with every hour of every day. Next-generation online casino technologies are creating hugely immersive, digital gaming experiences that offer genuine replicas of real-world casino floors. The first major advancement to the iGaming sector was the proliferation of mobile devices. iGaming developers were forced to adopt HTML5 technology to create fully responsive casino gaming on smartphone and tablet devices, making iGaming more accessible to players on the move.

What’s next on the iGaming agenda? From augmented and virtual reality to cryptocurrencies, some of the most innovative tech start-ups are looking to accelerate the possibilities in online casino gaming by improving the design and performance of new casino UK licensed operators and elsewhere in continental Europe, the Far East and North America too.

Better Collective – looking to improve the transparency and usefulness of betting insights

Sports betting is one of the biggest revenue streams for the global iGaming sector. Better Collective has been working on delivering a diverse range of products and platforms designed to improve bettors’ insight and awareness. With social iGaming platforms built to encourage knowledge-sharing between punters and a chance to digest up-to-the-minute statistics pre-match, Better Collective has been acknowledged across Europe for its attempts to make sports betting a fairer and more transparent landscape.

What makes Better Collective a stand-out tech start-up in iGaming is the firm’s insistence of working on projects and features that have never been built before, designed with global scalability uppermost in mind.

Gluck Games – redefining the real-money iGaming market

With more than 85 talented designers, developers and builders, Gluck Games has quickly developed a name for state-of-the-art online casino games. Supplying many state and private lotteries with online slots and scratchcards, Gluck Games is helping to put the fun into iGaming. Their firm’s approach to work has also attracted the best iGaming talent. With a totally flat, autonomous work structure that allows designers and developers to think outside the box from cafes and homes as well as offices around the world.

Bethereum – blockchain-based social iGaming

Founded upon blockchain technology, Bethereum has worked hard on developing new social iGaming alternative. With unique gamification features to enhance gameplay and attempt to replicate the social aspects of land-based casino action, as well as provably fair, decentralized casino games that utilize Bethereum’s own Bether crypto iGaming token, Bethereum is working hard to set the standard for future iGaming platforms.

Singular – bringing local games to global online markets

What’s fresh and exciting about Singular’s iGaming technology is the way it seeks to fuse modern-day popular culture with online gameplay. Since its inception, Singular has sought out themes and games that have proven popular with local markets and found creative ways to turn them into iGaming products with global appeal, thanks to bespoke interfaces and designs.

No doubt the newest online casino platforms available to play are increasingly offering a fresh approach to iGaming. Whether it’s high-definition live streamed casino games or immersive virtual reality (VR) casino action in other-worldly environments, the latest kids on the iGaming block are not afraid to experiment; and for that iGamers should be truly grateful.



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