The Tesla Conspiracy Theory: Bear Raids, Potential government Insider Trading, and More

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by follyboyz

Current exhibit TSLA is in the post

A previous Exhibit TSLA:

9:30 am the stock is at $199, 10:58 am it is at $189. They quickly buy, increasing the stock price, then rapidly sell, making the stock price plummet. This has been happening for weeks now, but especially in the last week. And then you sprinkle in a little bit of pessimism and prediction that the stock will plummet further to $95 in 29 days and we have a BEAR RAID.

Today, the price went from 185 to 181 and now to $180. They’re pretending to increase it NOW a bit and then drop it indefinitely because they want to make the stock drop to a certain level soon to profit. Before they just straight dropped the stock for weeks and are now pathetically attempting to not make it seem like an obvious bear raid.

“I don’t know if Tesla is going to break down $95 from here in the next 29 days, just something to keep an eye on here,” he said. “In terms of other technical levels, option market levels aside, you have a significant low here right around the $142. That I think is reasonable if this downside momentum continues.”

If y’all don’t know what a Bear Raid is, it’s this:

A bear raid is the illegal practice of ganging up to push a stock’s price lower through concerted short selling and spreading adverse rumors about the targeted company. A bear raid is sometimes resorted to by unscrupulous short sellers who want to make a quick buck from their short positions.

And that article I highlighted is just a recent one. There are MANY saying Tesla stock will get to $0 soon. Where’s the SEC in this one? Where is the oversight needed to ensure people are NOT participating in market manipulation? There’s been a game being played to burn Tesla’s cash for years and then bring down its stock price. Through coordinated effort companies that are a threat, can be run down to the ground via the stock market and bond market.

Investors holding short positions have earned more than $1 billion in mark-to-market profits in May, according to data compiled by S3 Analytics

“Tesla’s stock price will have to get back over $300/share for shorts to be deeply in the red again and the threat of a short squeeze to be valid,” wrote Ihor Dusaniwsky, S3 Partners’ managing director of predictive analytics. “Winter almost came for Tesla short-sellers, but now it looks more like spring is in full bloom.”

These are more titles of the articles.

Tesla is now doomed. Here’s how its EV dream will soon come crashing down

Tesla will be acquired within a year, says the NYU professor who predicted Amazon’s takeover of Whole Foods

See what I’m saying? First come the articles, then comes the stock drop.

So if TSLA stock prices continue to drop, short sellers make more money. As explained in a video titled: $1,480,000,000 Lost Betting Against Tesla Stock & Elon Musk, the person stated short sellers lose money when the stock price increases.

From the video:

Elon Musk “Tesla short sellers have lost a fortune over the past few years betting against Tesla stock and Elon Musk. Now they need Tesla to be done asap or it could get real ugly for them real fast.”

Short sellers need Tesla to burn all their cash to make profit.

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And people ask why short selling is bad for business. New articles on why you shouldn’t buy TSLA stock.

Title: Tesla Makes a Great Car, But Don’t Buy The Stock Until This Happens

For the record, Tesla first issued shares to the public June 2010 at $17. According to my math, the current price, $190, is far greater than $17.

Title: Tesla Stock: CNBC Laughably Suggests TSLA Will Surge 90%

Elon Musk is not going to change the world, not when his cars spontaneously combust, his autopilot technology slams people into fatal accidents, and his company’s customer service is so bad that a Chinese firm complains about it in Times Square.

They’re in my opinion, doing everything they can to drop the stock price to zero and eliminate Tesla’s capital so the company reaches bankruptcy even though statistics show the company is doing better than ever in regards to growth.

This is another video that show this growth:

Clearly politicians like to perform insider trading and enjoy having their significant others dabble too.

But he’s not the only one. A 2017 report by POLITICO found that “28 House members and six senators each traded more than 100 stocks in the past two years…And a handful of lawmakers, some of them frequent traders and some not, disproportionately trade in companies that also have an interest in their work on Capitol Hill.”

Back in 2011 for Pelosi

Former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi bought stock in initial public offerings (IPOs) that earned hefty returns while she had access to insider information that would have been illegal for an average citizen to trade with – even though it’s perfectly legal for elected officials, CBS’s “60 Minutes” reported Sunday night.


In late October 2014, Nancy Pelosi’s husband Paul purchased between $100,000 and $250,000 in stock from green energy company Sun Edison. Just three weeks later, the company acquired First Wind, a wind power company. The purchase caused Sun Edison’s stock to soar 29%.

Coincidence? Or did Paul Pelosi act on information that came to his wife in her duties as House minority leader?

Some politicians have vested interest market manipulation and they can’t get in trouble for it. There are car companies that want Tesla’s tech. There are also special interests in oil that want Tesla out because they sell a lot of electric cars. People need to fight this and expose these people.


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