The Theory: The Current “Race War” was created and pushed by the elites (generational rich and powerful) to change the narrative from a “Class War”

by  Truffluscious

“Around 2008, during the market collapse and following recession, the media was used to force and establish a race war (first black president, “if you didn’t vote for him you’re racist” etc) to get the focus off of the class war (HUGE due to the current market manipulation that caused a worldwide recession all because the rich elites wanted even more money, most of which didn’t get punished for what they did)

Now we have current day, where everything is racist, segregation is coming back, you can’t use, wear, enjoy or experience another “culture” or it’s appropriation, and the elites “trickle down” the money and DESERVE big tax breaks, because they “create jobs”!

They’re still the problem, but they’ve convinced the sheep to fight amongst themselves while they hide in fleece coats on a pedestal making and breaking the laws.

Even right now the elites are heavily manipulating the stock market again, and it’s extremely obvious, but none of them are getting reprimanded or fined for it. One of the semi-elites even tried to claim the whole reason people were angry was because he was a Jew (using racism as a distraction from the BLATANT law breaking)

There are more racists than ever before, because they are encouraged. Except the racism definition was changed in the dictionary around 2015. Lots of definitions have been changed in the last 5 years. The image of racism we have in our heads, the one the school system has taught everyone since the 1980s is “Angry white men who want to hurt/lynch/kill black people” but today’s racism comes in the form of “Thinking POC are less than, segregating is in the best interest to take care of anyone who isn’t white, because they’re dumb animals who can’t take care of themselves”.

The “elites” “establishment” “generational powerfuls” whatever you want to call them, had POC so manipulated that they were rioting in the streets, destroying buildings and lives and the elites via the media cheered them on by ignoring it completely or saying they were “fighting for equality, keep going!”. But once the elites got their people in place, they ignored them, denied meetings, and kicked them back to the dog house, just like they dogs they believe POC are. They’re nothing but beasts of burden to the actual racists, the elites who manipulate the world.

This is a class/power war, not a racism one.”

I’m sure y’all have heard that theory here before lol


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