A company that is out of cash next week almost IPO’d at a $47 billion valuation; but unlike 1999 there are no signs of euphoria or excesses anywhere

Stocks Near Record Highs Send False Signal

From U.S. Treasury securities to gold and the shares of utility and healthcare companies, it’s been a great time for financial assets that provide a hedge against an economic slowdown.

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Stocks Near Record Highs Send False Signal

Trouble Brews for Companies That Gorged on Cheap Credit

Cutting off a lifeline for troubled borrowers would lead to more bankruptcies.

Fed’s Fourth Bill POMO Most Oversubscribed Yet Amid Liquidity Scramble

The results confirm that demand for the Fed’s permanent liquidity injection is increasing with every operation.

NY Fed Accepts $49.854 Overnight Repo Bids

The New York Federal Reserve on Wednesday accepted $49.85 billion in bids from primary dealers at a repurchase agreement (repo) operation, a move intended to help maintain the federal funds rate within the target range.


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