The Tipping point is Fastly Approaching

by storm2come

The Tipping point

At this point in time we have many potential breaking points for our Nation and the world population among these are:

1. Pandemic, Ebola, the Black plague (L.A.), and other illnesses being brought to us from the third world. Not to mention if some long dormant virus awakens from thawing tundra and spreads some unknown prehistoric pandemic

2.Global Economic collapse, with economies all over printing money trying to prop up markets all over the world they have been on the verge of collapse since 2009, and have never recovered. Any serious disruption of production will cause a wave of panic.


The crop loss this year after the floods in the Midwest, and the crop loss in China, Australia, Argentina, Brazil and the heat wave across the EU will cause stress on global food production and that will cause price increases for consumers that are already cash strapped, meaning people will have to choose between eating or paying bills.


3. Wars, Many of the most powerful nations of the world are having social problems, namely the yellow vest in Paris, the protesters in Hong Kong, the protesters in Russia, Italy and Germany.

These protest are a clear rise in Nationalism and a sign that people are fed up with open borders, and governments that are out of touch with the people, these sentiments will lead to civil wars.

4. Natural disaster cycles, be it Yellowstone, la Palma, Cascadia, a Solar flare/ CME/ EMP , or Earthquakes in CA or New Madrid.

The recent seismic activity in the state of California has taken a strange turn. According to the Los Angeles Times, there have been more than 80,000 earthquakes in the state since July 4th, and most of those quakes were aftershocks of the two very large events that hit the Ridgecrest area early in the month.
Over the past couple of weeks, however, a very unusual pattern has begun to emerge. We have started to see aftershocks creep toward two of the largest fault lines in southern California, and this is making seismologists very nervous. The fact that we are seeing aftershocks “approaching the Owens Valley fault” is definitely alarming, but of far more concern is the fact that the Ridgecrest aftershocks are also headed “toward the Garlock fault”.[less than 50%]


5. Magnetic pole flip, or Micro nova, the pole flip will approach the 40 degree tipping point in early 2024, at a time when Solar cycle 25 is reaching peak flare activity.
Magnetic pole flips have now conclusively been linked to extinction level events.

Any or all of these events should lead any rational person to prepare and protect your family, and ALL of these events have a better chance of happening than winning in Las Vegas or winning the Powerball.

Heed the warning signs all around you and prepare as best you can…Good Luck and God bless….





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