The tipping point is here. Obesity is now NORMAL. People prefer NORMAL

The Obesity Epidemic continues to rage out of control.

So much so, that the decades long epidemic is now changing the way people now evaluate their own status.

The US adult population is now at 75% overweight/obese

The linked study shows that people are less interested in losing weight.

This will SPEED UP the crisis

Being overweight linked to having a lower IQ

BEING overweight may have a direct link to reduced intelligence, a controversial study suggests.

Scientists claim school pupils with a high body mass index performed worse in tests.

Scans also showed the outer layer of their brain was thinner, especially in an area linked to memory and decision-making.

But it is not clear if a poor diet harmed brain development or if an under-developed brain caused over-eating.

Experts say the two may interact — or the link may just be coincidence.

Dr Jennifer Laurent, from the University of Vermont, US, analysed the scans and exam results of 3,190 children aged nine and ten.

She said: “These findings suggest BMI is associated with alterations in prefrontal cortex development and diminished executive function.

“Deficits in working memory may contribute to poor dietary decisions.

“Once established, these associations may become mutually reinforcing and contribute to ongoing health issues that persist into adulthood.”



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