The Top 5 Stocks Hedge Funds Are Buying Right Now! Plus the Top Stocks To Short in 2018!

When you take advice from another person, be mindful of the intentions. Also be aware of how many other people are making the same bets.

Do you factor in what others are buying into your own investments?

Herd mentality is very important to human beings. We travel in packs. We gather together. We must do what everyone else does. We simply follow along because if someone else is doing it and having success, then it must be good for me as well. Just like lemmings, we also fall off a cliff at the same time too. The top stocks today seem to be part of everyone’s portfolio.


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top 50 most popular HF Q1 2017.jpg (890×1042)

top 50 most shorted HF Q1 2018.jpg (890×972)

HF Q1 increases in popularity.jpg (890×524)

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HF q1 2018 decreases in popularity.jpg (890×522)

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Surging Prices, Rates Test Robust Demand in U.S. Housing Market – Bloomberg Quint

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Exclusive: 40% in U.S. can’t afford middle-class basics – Axios

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