The top result from googling “USPS Change Address” on mobile is a fraudulent website

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by biscuitquickie

Unsure if this only applies to me, but figured I’d share so others won’t fail the same way I did.

I’m moving so I need to change my address via the US Postal Service (USPS). As any reasonable person would do, I googled “USPS Change Address” on the Safari browser on my phone and, considering the process is incredibly simple, clicked the first result without even thinking about it. I followed through all the prompts, entered my current and future addresses, and my credit card information, and clicked submit.

Immediately, I was denied due to bad credit card information. Since the info was autofilled, I know I didn’t put in the wrong info. Then I received a fraudulent charge alert from my credit card provider. Afterwards, I rechecked the website and well, I feel like an idiot because the site definitely stole my card info and tried to charge me $60 (the service typically costs a single dollar thru USPS) as stated in the fine print. Luckily my card provider caught it immediately; I confirmed it as a fraudulent charge and they are issuing me a new card.

I also reported the website to google since it was an advertisement and the top search result. I find it disconcerting that google would allow such an ad to be run and to place it as the top result.


If you have a spare minute today to help the world in a small way, please report the site so it gets google’s attention. I have no experience with reporting google ads, but I feel as though if enough people report it, it should be taken down

Edit: the site that got me was




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