The touchable class of the FBI, DOJ and State department government officials that cannot be prosecuted. You’re watching political theatre with no one being held accountable. Sessions and Mueller are the swamp protection team.

by themeanbeaver

*James Comey *Huma Abedin *Hillary Clinton *Eric Holder *Andrew McCabe *Anthony Weiner *Loretta Lynch

Many whistleblowers and good people have gone to jail for mishandling classified information but all these people at the FBI and the State Department were engaged deliberate destruction or gross misuse of classified information. FBI doing everything to protect HRC and crew at the State Department.

Clearly, we are witnessing evidence of a two tiered justice system rigged against the people.

Nevermind this political theatre being put on with the IG report and more self “investigations” by the criminals themselves. We are past conspiracy to make sure Hillary wins an election. This is bigger than that! with Sessions and Ron making sure they protect their friends.

The magic question is, will we EVER get any prosecutions?

Trump is a deep state puppet, of course, he’ll negotiate with Mueller to drop the Russian Collusion story and all this high level treason to prevent prosecution of criminals will be forgotten.

Welcome to the American Oligarchy!