The trillion dollar animal agriculture industry that spends hundreds of millions lobbying the US Farm Bill wants you to keep eating subsidized food that is shown to cause chronic diseases

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by wowwaowow

I don’t understand how people think TPTB dont include the animal agriculture industry. The #1 predictor of disease is diet/lifestyle. dont be fooled into thinking the disproportionate rates of chronic disease in the US is anything but design.

From the source linked below:

“The USDA supports industries that produce foods contributing to obesity, heart disease, and cancer. Worse yet, “[t]he USDA buys hundreds of millions of pounds of excess beef, pork, milk, and other high-fat meat and dairy products to bolster [or normalize] dropping prices.,, It then dumps those commodities into the National School Lunch Program (“NSLP,,).

Medical journals empirically demonstrate the coronary health benefits of near-vegetarian meals, yet most schools offer meals based primarily on a combination of meat and dairy products, which are high in fat and low in nutritional quality.

Newer studies link lactose intolerance to children of African American descent, yet most schools still do not offer nondairy alternatives like soy milk on their menus.

The USDA seems to resolve its conflict of interest,in favor of the dairy lobby over the community of lactose-intolerant children. Powerful agricultural lobbies will always win so long as the USDA has oversight of the NSLP and continues to ignore this conflict of interest.”

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Peer reviewed Source: “Sloppy Joe, Slop, Sloppy Joe: How USDA Commodities Dumping Ruined the National School Lunch Program”


No this isnt an aprils fools joke. time to wake up!

“Is Dietary Red Meat Kidney Toxic?” (
“These data have led investigators to examine if the type or source of ingested protein might instead mediate a dietary effect on kidney health…. One potential mechanism is the effect of dietary components on intrinsic acid production; observational studies show that high dietary acid is associated with increased ESRD risk in adults with CKD. Ingested animal-sourced protein yields acid when metabolized, whereas most plant-sourced protein yields base.10 High dietary acid induced by animal-sourced protein has been associated with subsequent development of hypertension, a CKD risk factor, in children. Furthermore, high intake of animal-sourced protein is also associated with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes,12 another CKD risk factor. On the other hand, substituting plant-based for animal-based dietary protein promotes gut flora which produce metabolites considered less kidney toxic than flora promoted by animal-sourced protein.13 These data support further exploration of the potential long-term kidney-toxic effects of animal-sourced dietary protein.

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TLDR: “they report a positive dose-response relationship

Shills and sheep, if you want more peer reviewed evidence I GOT IT


Regarding the #1 killer in America:

“A plant-based diet and animal protein: questioning dietary fat and considering animal protein as the main cause of heart disease” (

“After dietary cholesterol was found to ‘cause’ heart disease, many key ‘discoveries’ have shaped the subsequent conversation…. Vegetable ‘fats’, mostly unsaturated fats and liquid at room temperature reportedly decreased plasma cholesterol whereas animal fats, mostly saturated and solid at room temperature, reportedly increased plasma cholesterol….The comprehensiveness of evidence now available suggests that there is no other protocol—dietary or non-dietary—that offers the same health benefits. Perhaps the best testimonial for this whole food effect is its reversal of coronary heart disease during its advanced stages of development. The most recent of these studies[71] included 196 patients, 177 who complied with the dietary advice. In 2–7 years, only one of the patients who complied suffered an event; in contrast, 62% of the non-compliant patients suffered an event”

The libs are quaking


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