The true reason for the “lockdown”.

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by emptysku77

I’m wondering when people will actually understand that the “lockdown” wasn’t put in place to combat this pandemic. It was put in place to slow down the initial spread of the pandemic so that medical facilities would have time to prepare for the full brunt of the pandemic.

Misnomer statements like, “The cure shouldn’t be worse than the disease”, in relation to the lockdown, facilitate this misunderstanding. The lockdown has never been the cure and should not be embellished in such a way that implies it is the cure.

At no point did anyone say that the pandemic could be stopped by social distancing, washing our hands, or changing our behaviors for healthier practices. At some point we will have to get back to work and face the fact that we, as individuals, are responsible for our own safety and well being. That we are responsible for the safety of those around us. That our actions are part of the bigger picture.

If you care about your health, then your behaviors should reflect that. If you care about your family’s health, your behaviors should reflect that. If you care about your neighbors and community, then your behaviors should reflect that.

It’s quite simple. Large gatherings of people create the highest potential for contraction of the coronavirus. Once you partake in a large gathering of people, you are not the only person you are putting at risk anymore. When you go home, work, the gym, and yes, even when you go to church, everyone at those locations, plus all the locations those people go to when they leave are put at a higher risk than if you did not partake in a large gathering.

Stop whining about your “freedoms” being taken away, because they aren’t. You can still behave however you want, it’s just that your behaviors are impacting others lives in a more threatening way at this time and so the consequences are higher as well.

Edit: Thank you all for commenting. It’s great that we have a community in which we can share ideas.

I also want to say this: To be clear, this is not a political post. Every leader in the US involved with this pandemic has made mistakes. Political ideals are not morals and will not help us advance past this pandemic. We need to stop placing blame on others and berating others for their ideas. Even the worst idea can give us insight. Don’t just say, “that won’t work.” By determining why it won’t work, we gain knowledge and can move forward.

Edit #2: I am not advocating for the lockdown to continue. It was mismanaged to put it lightly and has been in place for far longer than the intended results.



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