The Trump Jr. “Scandal” Was a Sting Operation. Here’s The Proof…But What’s The Reason?

by Mark Angelides

We have been hearing about Russian connections and Collusion for over a year now and very little of substance in terms of evidence has been forthcoming. But now with Don Jr. meeting a “Russian Agent”, surely this is the Smoking Gun? A little research shows that the “Agent” is in fact deeply connected to the Democrat party and was at least indirectly employed by the DNC during the “meeting”.
So far, based on Don Junior’s emails and MSM speculation, the story goes that a Mr. Emin Agalarov contacted Don Jr. to arrange a meeting for him with a “Russian Lawyer” to get “some dirt” on Hillary Clinton. Don agreed and went to the meeting. Both Don Jr. and Natalia Veselnitskaya (the Lawyer) have both said that they were at cross purposes; she thought she was there to talk about Russian sanctions, and he thought he was there to get information.  
Now here is what is not being put out by the MSM:

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  • Natalia Veselnitskaya was initially denied a visa to come to the United States; after an appeal she was granted what is known as a letter of probation allowing her entry under conditions. Who authorized this and indeed why she was initially refused a visa is unknown.
  • In Miss Veselnitskaya’s visa application affidavit, she wrote that she was employed by a company called Fusion GPS. If she had a valid work contract, why would she be denied a visa?
  • Fusion GPS was employed directly by the DNC to carry out research and engage in political inquiries, such as opposition research. Basically finding the dirt on the Trump Campaign.
  • Just 8 days after Miss Veselnitskaya’s meeting with Don Jr. she was pictured sat behind Obama’s ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul at a Foreign Affairs Committee Hearing (and next to her was Mr. Emin Agalarov).

So she turns up in the US apparently working for a company employed by the DNC to find dirt (or create basic mayhem), is set up with an appointment, and then somehow ends up sat in a Senate Hearing at the invite of the Democrats. Does this sound normal? Does this sound like it was all a coincidence?
It was clearly a Sting operation aimed at getting Don Jr. (or better yet Donald Trump himself) into a room with someone that the Democrats can claim is a Russian Agent. The only part I can’t figure out is why they have waited until now to bring it out? If you have any theories, please let me know in the comments below.


46 thoughts on “The Trump Jr. “Scandal” Was a Sting Operation. Here’s The Proof…But What’s The Reason?”

  1. I think everyone knows by now that Obammy is a dirty bastard child with no morals. You surprised by he and the dem/political machine? I’m not. He came into office as a lie. Obammy and the Clintons are like herpes, the f*cks just won’t go away.

  2. Here is the truth: none of that matters even the tiniest bit. Let me break it down for you political hacks and for the moment, we’ll go ahead and assume that it WAS a sting.
    Police will get informants to go out dressed like a hooker in order to arrest Johns. Doesn’t matter that sex never happened – only that the ‘John’ was going to pay for it.
    Police go online and pretend to be underage girls in order to lure pedophiles out of the woodwork. Doesn’t matter that the person was never actually talking to an underage girl or that the guy never had sex with the underage girl – they still get arrested and thrown in jail.
    It doesn’t matter if Don Jr. was set up. The fact that he willingly met with a “Russian agent” in order to try and undermine the US election in his favor (and when it clearly stated that the Russian government was pushing for Trump) means that he is guilty of – at the very least – conspiracy to commit treason.
    It is not illegal to set up a sting operation. It is illegal to conspire to commit a crime, though. That’s the truth. Those are the facts. Your Fuhrer’s son is guilty of trying to commit treason. Fact. Deal with it.

    • Its not illegal to receive dirt about your political opponents either, even if it is info from a foreign gov. Ted Kennedy conspired with the Kremlin during the 1984 election in an effort to beat Reagan. The fact is this is not treason. He was in fact trying to save the US from the person that sold our uranium to Russia for a few million dollars that was sent from Putin to the Clinton Foundation. Fact. Deal with it you progressive nitwit.

      • It is when the ‘dirt’ is coming from a hostile foreign nation, as was quite clear in the email.
        And for the record – I think Hillary should be in prison too because I think she committed treason when she was SoS. She used the Clinton Foundation to launder money from foreign nations in exchange for information and favors. No doubt.
        But like hell if a sitting President will get a pass for doing the same exact thing — he used his position to push his businesses in Russia and continues to do so.
        Ya’ don’t get to have it only one way.
        Also, for the record, I don’t think Russia should be our enemy. Not at all. But it’s not what I believe that makes this case – it’s what is legal and illegal. Trump and his team committed treason. Of this I have no doubt. I questioned it before, but that email is proof.
        I didn’t feel like wasting my time with you so I just copy/pasted my response to you from what I said to the other guy. You’re just a political hack and nothing more. Suck Republican a$$ is all you do.

        • A small problem with that thought. Current relations. Would it be the same story if someone from the UK, France or Israel made the same offer or is only because it’s “Russia” despite there not being a declared state of war or that nation being listed as a terrorist organization?
          If it’s the same thing then we really need someone to start rounding up Democrats and putting some cuffs on them because they actually paid a British ex? spy from MI-6 to contact his fellow ex? GRU/KGB buddies in Russia to dig up ‘dirt’ on a political candidate running for the office of President. The so called ‘dirty dossier’ of Buzzfeed fame that has been used for the justification of this witch hunt.

        • Trump Jr. is not even a member of the administration now and his father wasn’t president when this meeting took place. You sick leftist pigs loved the Russians when they were communist, mass murdering freedom haters and now that they’ve rejected socialism, you leftist pigs want to call them our enemy. You are a sick bunch.

          • Are you kidding me right now? LOL.
            Trump’s “royal family” is very much a part of Trump’s cabinet, whether it’s official or not. Know how I know? Trump is too busy trying to hide shit that he won’t bother with filling the low-level state positions so that this nation can run like it should.
            We have countries that can’t even get ahold of the US to fulfill trade and other negotiations. Why? Cause Trump doesn’t trust anyone. He thinks he’s a fucking dictator and a King.
            “Look at my crowd. Biggest crowd ever!” — what a fucking delusional fuck. lol.
            Trump bombing Syria after an alleged chemical attack even when the fucking US military TOLD him it wasn’t a chemical weapons attack.
            Shooting down country’s military planes over their own land.
            You’re telling me this lunatic hasn’t done anything wrong? Wtf are you smoking, dumbfuck? Wake the fuck up, punk.
            He’s worse than Obama ever thought of being and Obama was a worthless fuck too. Liar, traitor, dictator, and a destroyer of this nation Trump will be.
            But all you have to say is “leftist” — I’m no leftist, dumbass. You assume shit ’cause you don’t understand what it means to put COUNTRY before PARTY. This dichotomy is fucked and you’ve been suckin’ the right nut too long, brother. Wake the fuck up.

          • You have some really interesting fantasies. Did you know that the DNC is being sued right now for rigging their own primaries in order for Hillary to win? In other words, the DNC thinks its own voters are too stupid to pick their own candidate. Even your own party thinks you’re an idiot. None of your comment makes any sense. Trump Jr. was set up by the DNC dirty tricksters. The democrats have nothing to offer America, unless you think getting free stuff is a good way to get elected. Get a job and learn how to pay your own way. What have the dems offered since Trump was elected? Nothing but interference. There has been an investigation for over a year now into completely false allegations about Trump/Russia. The liars you support made up the entire story and then went looking for evidence. In other words, you and your cohorts believe in guilty until proven innocent as if America is some 3rd world craphole. There’s no argument here, as you are way too stupid for me to waste anymore of my time.

          • That’s another thing that crossed my mind after looking over a few more comments.
            While it’s ‘acceptable practice’ for law enforcement agencies to conduct sting operations is it ‘acceptable practice’ for private citizens to do so?

          • In answer to your question, no it is not acceptable for private citizens to operate sting operations. I once saw an episode of cops that surprised me. A women went down to the corner of her street where drug dealers were selling. She called the police and went down and purchased a bag of coke. When the police arrived she told them she bought the dope from one of the guys on the corner and handed the bag to the cops and told the cops to arrest the dealer. She was immediately arrested and cuffed and taken to jail. What she said was a confession of guilt and that’s why she was arrested and charged. They didn’t even talk to the dealers.

          • If Obama had pulled even ONE MEASLY PERCENT of what Crooked Donald has pulled this far, Americans would’ve burned down the White House with the Obamas in it.
            It is sickening that after eight long years of hearing conservatives (like myself) gripe at Obama’s every misstep, that these same SO-CALLED conservatives are creaming their overalls when Donald does even worse things.
            I’d say “double standards”, but 2017 “conservatives” are showing no standards whatsoever.

          • Really ?
            What one thing has trump done that is so terrible that obama maintain’s his shiny sainthood upon his pedestal ?
            Did trump wiretap hundreds of thousands of civilians ?
            Send guns to cartel memebers ?
            Negotiate with a communist authoritarian regime to allow for futher socio and economic control of an islands inhabitants ?
            Did trump arm ISIS and allow them to take over vast swaths of the middle east ?
            Did trump bomb a sovereign nation because of a gold standard currency ?
            In short , your drunk on delusion and wont sober up even tho the welfare party is ending .

          • I know it’s too much to ask that respondents here be intelligent when they reply, but pay attention to what I wrote. If Obama (of whom I am no fan) did the garbage that our current Garbage-in-Chief is pulling, we’d have stormed 1600 Pennsylvania and forcibly dragged out the occupants for a ten second trial before putting the horses in position for a good ol’ Drawing & Quartering. But we just smirk and look the other way when Crooked Donald does what he does.
            Dithering Donald can’t even put a sentence together, yet I recall how Obama once said “Uh” twice in a speech and we jumped around like the Samsonite gorilla on meth because he was “such a bad speaker”. He said (although quickly recovered) “57 states”, when he’d clearly meant “47 states”, and we used that as an excuse to tar and feather him for a decade. Brain Dead Don the Con says we bombed Iraq — FREE PASS. Brain Dead Don the Con talks about “the most beautiful piece of chocolate cake you’ve ever seen” while Rome America burns. Diptard Donald says worse and more stupid things than that in every other appearance. He said worse than that TODAY, and it’s only morning. But he gets his free pass. So don’t be stupid and turn this all around into something I never said just so you can sound half intelligent, it isn’t working.
            Did Obama s-uck? YES. Not a question. And when he sucked we gave him heII. But truthfully (I know truth burns many readers on this blog like Holy Water does) we still gave Obama heII when he did not a dang thing wrong. We hated him and sat like the sick minions of a medieval painting of HeII *JUST WAITING* to pounce on the most infinitesimal little slip. Yet filthy, lying, pro-Saudi Arabia, tax cheat, wife cheat, multiple bankruptcy, PlG Donald is praised at every turn… EVEN THOUGH YOU (not me) ELECTED HIM OVER A BUNCH OF UNDELIVERABLE LIES THERE WAS NEVER ANY CHANCE OF HAPPENING.
            All I wish the Republicans could do was be honest. If more of us were, then we’d hold humans to the same standards as one another. But somewhere in the last 10 years or so our party has transmogrified into some real tra sh.
            Thanks for extending me this opportunity to correct you.

          • You chock full of trump delusion syndrome aren’t you ?
            We’d storm 1600 for golf ?
            You’d storm 1600 and pull trump down for ….words ?
            But he’s got the best words !!! Words love him like I love chocolate cake and two scoops of ice cream .
            Seriously , get laid , have an orgasm and come join the human race of reason .
            No wondr your country’s circling the bowl wiith shite like you init .

          • Well, once again you not-so-miraculously respond without using any employing any reading comprehension skills first. It’s almost impossible to have so entirely missed what I said, so it’s ideally possible you’re just being stupid on purpose.
            I’m fairly confident showering you with more facts won’t suddenly turn you into someone who can read and understand, darn it. It’s funny how it’s ONLY the Trumpies who are this willfully ignorant.
            Take your own advice 😉

          • Im not for trump , didnt vote for him , won’t in 2020 without the deep state pedophile ring getting hammered .
            That aside , you wrote that you’d march with us on the house sumsuch and the bleet your self into a frenzy over opinion your callig facts and facts that are fake news or overblown stupidity .
            Carry on with all of the what im doing playground shite , its fine .
            Facts are the loudest bleet ive read from you , yet through this whole thread youve not presented one fact .
            At all , go reread and correct me , ill obviously play .

          • Nice to meet you, troll.
            Does your wife know you pretend to be a girl from Kansas online? LOLOLOLOL, j/k, like you could ever score a wife!
            But seriously, self-signed troll, I noticed you couldn’t dispute any facts I laid out, so I fully accept your acquiescence* ????????????
            (*Look it up.)

          • Dude , if trumps going to destroy the country ooooooooo , hows he going to do it ?
            Stupid kool aid ? Already been served en mass .
            Breaking up the family and programming the next generation to abort and divorce like crazy ? Done long before .
            Enforce conformity training in state schools ? Done too death already .
            Rattling sabers at russia ? Done long ago .
            In short , getting mad at what trumps gonna do is as retarded as shooting your foot off to fix a hangnail .
            While you read like a no foot guy I hope that youll one day see the need for chidren to keep their feet , and in turn learn to think before you put more feet in your mouth .

    • It’s not a crime to respond to “I have some info on your opponent, can we meet?”
      It would have been a crime if at the meeting, Veselnitskaya had said “We have people who can leak Clinton’s emails to the public, will you pay us for it?” and Trump had responded “yes”. But not even the DNC claim that.
      Smells more like a sting operation that failed: They placed the bait, Trump came, they made an offer, and it wasn’t bought. But then they decided “fits our narrative, so let’s go public with it anyway”.
      For what it’s worth I don’t like the Fuhrer or his son. But God-Empress Fuhreress Hitlery is 10 times worse than the 2 of them combined.

      • It is when the ‘dirt’ is coming from a hostile foreign nation, as was quite clear in the email.
        And for the record – I think Hillary should be in prison too because I think she committed treason when she was SoS. She used the Clinton Foundation to launder money from foreign nations in exchange for information and favors. No doubt.
        But like hell if a sitting President will get a pass for doing the same exact thing — he used his position to push his businesses in Russia and continues to do so.
        Ya’ don’t get to have it only one way.
        Also, for the record, I don’t think Russia should be our enemy. Not at all. But it’s not what I believe that makes this case – it’s what is legal and illegal. Trump and his team committed treason. Of this I have no doubt. I questioned it before, but that email is proof.

        • I agree with pretty much all of what you’re saying, minus one thing (and that’s a rather important one).
          I think revealing the truth is always important, regardless of where the information about the truth is coming from. (And no, I don’t think Trump has been very truthful overall. Pretty much no politician does well on that point).
          There’s a big difference between “I have some FACT about politician xyz, it happened to be discovered by a hostile nation, do you want it?” and “My friends in [hostile nation] have devised a clever plan to take down politician xyz, it’s all based on lies, but it looks credible. Do you want it?”
          Besides, as we agree, Russia shouldn’t be our enemy. It gets even less worthy of condemnation if you change it to “I have some fact about politician xyz, it was discovered by the people you want to make peace with anyway, but with whom xyz wants war, war and more war. Do you want it?”
          And yes, it goes both ways. If, let’s say, North Korea uncovered some irrefutable fact that could take down Trump, I wouldn’t blame the Democrats for using it. A fact is a fact and the people deserve to hear the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

          • Eh, I don’t much care how it’s done – Trump needs to be removed from power. He’s a fucking disaster to this nation. He’s an embarrassment to this country, and he is as traitorous as Hillary.
            This man would sell his entire family off if it meant he’d make a few more dollars and be able to slap his name on something else.
            So when we go an entire year hearing lie after lie after lie about meetings with Russians – or anyone for that matter – then slowly the lies unravel to have them merely come back and say “well yeah we did that, but, but, I forgot about it. . . and besides, I didn’t really DO anything wrong” — it’s not something we can or should ignore and if this is the rope that hangs him, then so be it.
            Trump needs to begone. Hillary needs to begone. 75% of the current politicians in the US government need to begone.
            Drain the swamp – yeah, we need to. . . too bad you’re part of it Donald.
            So again, if this is what does it — I’m on board, 150%. This lunatic is a danger to the entire world.

          • Trump has done nothing wrong and if you read beyond The Dem narrative of Russia, Russia, Russia, he is doing a lot for the average American. I wonder if you were so concerned during Obamas assault on this country…talk about treason

          • I was and I railed against every anti-American thing Obama did. We haven’t had a decent President since JFK, tbh.
            Obama’s war policies were shit, his NDAA was shit, he lied, he pushed for coups all across the Middle-East – him and that bitch Hillary.
            You’re damned right I railed against them and I’m not done yet. The only good that will come out of Trump will be a collapsed US, because then and ONLY then will anything change around here. That’s why I voted for the piece of shit.
            But when I voted for him, I didn’t think he would be this much of a fucking lunatic. I figured at least he would be anti-war like he said he was for a decade leading up to this election, but nope – liar just like the rest of them.
            Just like with the New Deal — it took a Great fucking Depression before anyone was willing to finally say “fuck this. . . we have to do something.”
            It’s going to take the same level of collapse for this nation to finally get itself back to good. Hopefully we aren’t treated like Nazi Germany and get destroyed by the globe because we’re destroying everything in our path. I’d argue we’re worse for the world than Nazi Germany — at least the way we’re going.
            Shoving Democracy down the throats of people that don’t want it — please. That’s the antithesis of Democracy.
            Then when Democracy DOES happen, we scream “cheater, invader” (speaking of Russia & Crimea). Hypocritical fucks rule this nation and people like you are too fucking stupid to see it. Dems, Repubs — they’re all the same worthless fucks, including Trump.

          • Hey , you just described the actions of the deep state , not trump.
            Think man , if trumps battling something thats bigger than the american government , how quickly is he supposed to get results ?
            Too quickly gets him dead and all his kids too , no ?

          • Man , you love you CNN dont you ?
            Every alternative media source that dissects trums presidency gives him alot of respect for his moves against the deep state , fed beuracratic oligarchy and its subsequent empowering of the average american citizen .
            Is it possible your too stupid to recognize intellectual folk ?
            There’s a scientific law for this term ,, may want to research for developing self awareness.

        • Thats the stupidest translation of any of Jr.s emails ive seen yet .
          That kinda self serving reading of words makes me wonder how many times youve been divorced , lost all your shit and blamed the judges .
          3 or 4 times ?

          • If . As in if wishes were real we’d all be santa claus ?
            G’way with you subterfuge , you didn’t like me on topic and are trying to subject change .
            Stupidest translation of JR’S emails ive read yet is the counter point .
            Care to offer reasons im wrong ?

    • Former Harvard Law Professor, Alan Dershowitz,
      a constant voice of reason throughout the post-election hysteria, says
      all of the discussion of “treason” on the left is nothing more than
      wishful thinking. As Dershowitz reasonably points out, while the act of
      actually stealing or hacking information is illegal, “seeking
      to obtain the work product of a prior hack would be no more criminal
      than a newspaper publishing the work product of thefts such as the
      Pentagon Papers and the material stolen by Snowden and Manning.”
      Obviously if anyone conspired in advance with another to
      commit a crime – such as hacking the DNC – that would be criminal. But
      merely seeking to obtain the work product of a prior hack would be no
      more criminal than a newspaper publishing the work product of thefts
      such as the Pentagon Papers and the material stolen by Snowden and
      Manning. Moreover, the emails sent to Trump Jr. say that the
      dirt peddled by Veselnitskaya came from “official documents.” No
      mention is made of hacking or other illegal activities. So it is
      unlikely that attendance at the meeting violated any criminal statute.

  3. Probably the reason why they waited so long is one of those:
    1) They knew Veselnitskaya’s ties to Fusion GPS would point right back at them, so they decided to use her only if and when all other attempts to “prove” the Russia narrative failed.
    2) Their idea is to just repeat the basic narrative over and over again, each time with different (fake) evidence, until they got the vast majority of MSM viewers to think “With yet another piece of evidence coming out, there just must be something. Where there’s smoke there’s a fire” (or, far more likely, Hitlery Clinton with a cigarette).
    3) They originally planned to use Veselnitskaya for something else and just now realized that the fact that she’s Russian could be used to shove the Russia narrative into our faces again

  4. I am a Canadian 1st. Second Donald Trump is the only president with balls, weren’t we told as children to learn how to play together. We’ll that goes for future children, our children have grown up. An now they hold the power. So let’s allow our president to use his intelligence to calm down all the crap that all the president’s before him created. Everyone has a change of heart. Even the cremlyn. If the two super powers can’t get along how do anyone expect us to escape north Coreas threats to all mankind. First of all United States of America has so many cultures as well as Russia an Germany. That if one percent of people didn’t believe in their presidents we all would see tens of millions of people acting out like the Punjabi population in one way or another right! So I say fire all the congressmen and women who fucked it all up for us so far. Populate the Congressional old persons with new thinkers no older than 40 an no younger than 35. Because I am 54 yrs of age an all I hear is the old fats talk about what happened yrs ago because they are hateful an over reacting old gears. I understand that alot of them are veterans all they have is hatred against their own president. How can we expect to save our pride with those old fats. They are so old they far So I think that our nation is in need for a full makeover including Canada. Get rid of the old way of thinking an allow our new presidents to combat what they think should be done to inprove our world before it’s to late. Casualties are apart of war. So that can’t be changed. Get rid of the north Corea threat before it bites us in the ass. Kim John I’ll I think his name is,shouldn’t be trusted for the same reason the politicians should be replaced in America,as well as Canada. They have their pockets so full, that even their own people can’t trust them anymore. Trillions have been robbed from all of us to protect their own interests.New laws should be put in place. To allow questions an answers to be answered by all people then we can say we truly have a honest and true government which allows the poor man a voice. We have the technology to do so, an not only that we have more people interested in our way of thinking. An if something goes wrong well we all can share the Blaim Yours Truly Daniel T Duke


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