The Trump Jr. “Scandal” Was a Sting Operation. Here’s The Proof…But What’s The Reason?

by Mark Angelides

We have been hearing about Russian connections and Collusion for over a year now and very little of substance in terms of evidence has been forthcoming. But now with Don Jr. meeting a “Russian Agent”, surely this is the Smoking Gun? A little research shows that the “Agent” is in fact deeply connected to the Democrat party and was at least indirectly employed by the DNC during the “meeting”.
So far, based on Don Junior’s emails and MSM speculation, the story goes that a Mr. Emin Agalarov contacted Don Jr. to arrange a meeting for him with a “Russian Lawyer” to get “some dirt” on Hillary Clinton. Don agreed and went to the meeting. Both Don Jr. and Natalia Veselnitskaya (the Lawyer) have both said that they were at cross purposes; she thought she was there to talk about Russian sanctions, and he thought he was there to get information.  
Now here is what is not being put out by the MSM:

  • Natalia Veselnitskaya was initially denied a visa to come to the United States; after an appeal she was granted what is known as a letter of probation allowing her entry under conditions. Who authorized this and indeed why she was initially refused a visa is unknown.
  • In Miss Veselnitskaya’s visa application affidavit, she wrote that she was employed by a company called Fusion GPS. If she had a valid work contract, why would she be denied a visa?
  • Fusion GPS was employed directly by the DNC to carry out research and engage in political inquiries, such as opposition research. Basically finding the dirt on the Trump Campaign.
  • Just 8 days after Miss Veselnitskaya’s meeting with Don Jr. she was pictured sat behind Obama’s ambassador to Russia, Michael McFaul at a Foreign Affairs Committee Hearing (and next to her was Mr. Emin Agalarov).

So she turns up in the US apparently working for a company employed by the DNC to find dirt (or create basic mayhem), is set up with an appointment, and then somehow ends up sat in a Senate Hearing at the invite of the Democrats. Does this sound normal? Does this sound like it was all a coincidence?
It was clearly a Sting operation aimed at getting Don Jr. (or better yet Donald Trump himself) into a room with someone that the Democrats can claim is a Russian Agent. The only part I can’t figure out is why they have waited until now to bring it out? If you have any theories, please let me know in the comments below.