The Truth About Ahmaud Arbery Trial

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by Chris Black

A black thug with a long criminal record was breaking into neighborhood homes, was chased out, and confronted on the street by three white men. 

Arbery was looting construction sites. He was wearing work boots, and the media said he was just out for a jog, and just stopping in to check on some construction sites on the way. The men confronted him, and Arbery made moves like he was going to kill them, and he got shot.

The media claimed the black thug was just out jogging when three white guys just appeared and killed him for no reason.

The white men were persecuted because one of them killed a black guy with reasonable use of force. 

There was no lynch mob. 

Something we really do need again, with how the courts are handling justice. 

Sixty people in Wisconsin wouldn’t have been hit by a thug in a car, if we had real justice.

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