What Thanksgiving Really Is About

by Chris Black


Columbus never made it to the main American continent. So claiming Columbus was the source of indigenous suffering is false.

Settlers came. They had a very hard winter and many died. 

A tribe of local people said, “If you kill our rival tribe for us, we will feed you.”

The settlers killed the rival tribe and got fed. 

Morons like the entire workforce of MSNBC believe that everyone in North America didn’t know war, disease, or famine before The White Man. 

With this idea that the native tribes never fought with each other and were in tune with nature.

All of that is complete BS fabricated by revisionists. 

Just like the “official” narrative of colonial black slavery.

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The native tribes killed each other constantly, some were cannibals. They took women and children as slaves, and rape was common.

 There is a reason why they were called savages. Not all tribes were warlike, but the ones that were, made the colonists look like angels. 

Why else would so many tribes seek protection from the colonists?

There was never a Thanksgiving celebration between Indians and Pilgrims.

 This gathering on a long wooden table with Pilgrims on one side and people with headdresses on the other during November is a complete fabrication.

Abraham Lincoln declared the last Thursday of November a national holiday as part of reconciliation after the Civil War, to bring families and people together. 

That is what Thanksgiving is and what it means. 

So the idea that white people are racist because of Thanksgiving is ridiculous.



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