The Truth About All Central Bank Controlled Nations

by axolotl_peyotl

Why does the US government need to pay interest to the Federal Reserve to have new currency put into circulation? I have not found a single, solitary answer from a proponent of the Federal Reserve System, not even a lame or bad answer.

This article discusses one of the key issues that is at the heart of the rot in our society today: central banks.

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The fact that they’ve conditioned us to associate questioning the actions and even existence of the Federal Reserve with “dangerous conspiracy theories” is all you need to know.

The Fed is tyranny in the flesh, and it has been dictating US policy for more than a century.

All of this interest goes into the hands of the hidden, private controllers of the Central Banking System. Can you even imagine the amount of money we are talking about? How is it possible that this continues to exist? Where is our outrage?


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