The Truth About “Environmentalism”

by Chris Black


– 100 companies produce 71% of emissions.

– 10 rivers in Asia and Africa cause 90% of plastic pollution.

– Asia and Africa are responsible for the global overpopulation crisis.

– China produces more CO2 emissions than Russia and the US combined.

This is not to say that average White people should not take better care of our environments or that the West has no environmental problems, but that punishing average Whites with higher taxes, technocratic surveillance, inhuman diets, and ruined living conditions won’t even make a dent in any global environmental problems. 

Climate/environmental bullshit is just a cheap excuse for globalists to grab more power, expand their technocracy, and enfeeble the slave caste to prevent counter-revolution.

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If globalists were serious about the environment, they wouldn’t have facilitated the industrialization of China and the Third World, they wouldn’t be feeding the Third World and causing a massive population boom, they wouldn’t import millions of Third World people into White countries, they would regulate mega corporations instead of working class plebs, they would promote genuine sustainable production, like non-industrial local farming, and so on.

Talking to normies about “climate change” is painful. It’s one of those unquestionable cult-of-globalism subjects, like melanin and sodomy worship.

Try explaining that we’re not on the verge of a global apocalypse that will eradicate all life on earth, that earth has sustained life at much higher temperatures than this, and that the earth’s temperature is just fluctuating as it always has done. 

They treat you like a paranoid schizophrenic. 

You can point to all of the evidence of climate hoax bullshit falling through from the past ~50 years and they just stick their fingers in their ears. 


This is probably one of the most damaging psyops of all time. 

The psychosis among adults is pretty severe but I really worry about the kids. They’re going to grow up totally mind-fucked with zero grasp on reality.


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