The Truth About Immigration (no “conservative” will tell you this)

by Chris Black

The issue with immigration isn’t whether it’s “legal” or “illegal”—this is a false distinction meant to obfuscate the fact that the federal government facilitates immigration, even the “illegal” kind—the issue with immigration is the amount that’s taking place.

The US lets in millions of immigrants every single year, both “legal” and “illegal.” 

Mass immigration is the primary driver of population growth in the US, because the institutions have decided that incentivizing the Old Stock population to reproduce isn’t worth the trouble. 

It’s easier, from a bureaucratic perspective, to simply replace them with entirely different people.

If you change the demographics of a country, you change the culture and norms of the country

You change the character of the country. 

In the end, you find yourself with a different country altogether

That’s the real point.

I remember having this debate with “anti-SJW” types—the precursor to “anti-wokes”—I would always ask them what they thought would happen if you took two existing countries and swapped their populations.

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 Say you had the entire population of Ireland trade places with the entire population of Thailand. 

Would either of those countries be the same? 

Or would Thailand just be the new Ireland and vice-versa?

People hate questions like that because there’s no way for them to object without looking desperate and ridiculous.

 The answer is totally obvious. 

“Countries” and “culture” are defined by people, not the other way around.

 And that’s why this issue is so important.

The United States of America is a nation-state founded by European settlers using a form of federalist republicanism modeled on English common law. 

“Americans” are people descended from that founding stock, primarily English, along with smaller groups of other European ethnicities including Scots, Welsh, Irish, French, Germans, Dutch, Swedes, and even Finns.

In other words, White people, mostly from the British Isles.


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