The TRUTH About Sweden & Why The Nordic Model DOESN’T WORK

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Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen, a Norwegian born and raised to talk about the Nordic Model praised throughout the world as well as most notably the country of Sweden as people claim it to be the most prevalent economy in the world.
People seem to call Sweden, Norway and Denmark whatever type of system suits their benefit, because from outside looking in, it certainly looks good. However, these countries are dramatically centrally planned, dramatically taxed and dramatically controlled.
Sweden is the most taxed country in the world, so even with their somewhat lower inflation rate, people are paying out of pocket a lot more than they can, especially comparing to wages. It’s complete theft. A 61.85% income tax. Denmark is 55.8% and Norway is 38.5%. This doesn’t include the vast sum of taxes added on top from fuel to business, capital gains, property, sales, you name it.
So for the time being, these countries look prosperous, but if history has anything to say about it, this absolute collectivist system will come crashing down harder than most in the future. It will be horrible.
This isn’t freedom. It’s blind support of government. It’s dependency and control. It is everything humanity is not supposed to be and it’s sad to see so many support it for their own personal benefit for a little while only to see what will happen to everyone down the line. There’s no incentive to work and compete on the market. There’s only incentive to lay back and receive. What where is that money you’re receiving coming from? Well, it’s stolen from the most hard working people as well as the poor. That won’t end well.

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