The Truth About the Assassination of Shinzo Abe

by Chris Black

I can at least comprehend why some people would support the Ukraine. They have some far right soccer hooligan battalions and the world’s best NSBM bands. 

But Shinzo Abe? Give me a break!

Anyone declaring this slanty eyed George Bush some sort of martyr for the nationalist cause is writing you from an information warfare office in Northern Virginia.

He was the architect of Japan’s version of the Hart-Cellar act:

He wanted to re-militarize Japan alright…on the orders of the empire that nuked his country, and in defense of “liberal values”:

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Implemented economic reforms so globalist Jews could financialize his nation’s traditionally protectionist and semi-planned economy. Now Japan has stagnating wages and the second highest rate of poverty of the G7's%20poverty%20rate%20is%20the,data%20available%20up%20to%202020.&text=To%20be%20sure%2C%20inequality%20is,the%20United%20States%20and%20Britain.

Was the most philo-Semitic Japanese leader in all of its history. Jews will fondly remember him as one of their most reliable suckpoops, Japanese people on the other hand just scratched their heads wondering why the Prime Minister of Japan was spending so much time talking about his commitment to Israel.

Shinzo Abe is (was?) the most pro-Jewish, pro-Zionist leader Japan has ever had. 

The plutocrat was so eager to please his masters that Benjamin Netanyahu got him to eat out of a shoe — a grave insult in Japanese culture — just to see how low he was willing to go for them.

We don’t know why that guy shot him, but it’s beyond a shadow of a doubt that Abe was a traitor to his people, was highly unpopular, and made enemies across the political spectrum.


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