The So-Called “Global Elites” Started Culling the Herd

by Chris Black

The Dutch government want to reduce the NL farming sector by 30%. 

The UK government is paying farmers to retire. 

Sanctions against Russia are going to deprive us of their food exports as well. 

Meantime, due to being actively encouraged, mass immigration continues apace.

There is going to be a massive food shortage in the West, entirely avoidable but created by deliberate policy.

 “They” clearly want to redesign society. This is now obvious.

 If you find it outlandish and unlikely, just look at the policies being enacted and I think you will conclude there is only one interpretation: they are consciously destroying our food supply.

The only question is what they intend to replace it with.

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Clearly they want to streamline the economy. This means eliminating small producers and small retailers. The covid lockdowns got rid of a great number of small businesses, clearing the way for global corporations to expand into those nooks and crannies.

Farmers are small producers. 

Like the Canadian truckers, they are freelance workers and therefore a hazard to the system, because they can act independently of “the power” and even outright oppose it. 

In the future to come, they might be replaced by workers who maintain farmland owned and operated by global corporations – workers who have no autonomy and can easily be replaced if they defy “policy” in even the tiniest way.

Or, maybe “they” don’t intend to replace the production of food as we know it, and instead want to do exactly what they’ve been signaling: force us to eat bugs and synthetic meat.

Bill Gates paid $600m and redesigned the economy of an entire country. Of course he isn’t operating alone. Of course he is acting in concert with other powers (the WEF, the WHO, etc.). But we have to accept that the billionaire oligarch is not an absurd archetype of fiction, but an absurd archetype of the real world.

There comes a point when you also have to accept that 2020 was not a chaotic accident, but deliberate, orchestrated theatre.

 It was not a blip, but a foreshadowing.


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