The Truth About the FTX/SBF Collapse

by Chris Black

The FTX  extravaganza made a lot of people angry.

This is the TL;DR version:

–  Money was created out of nothing via FTT (tokens), then sold off to victims of the scam (yes, just like bank loans)

– Millions went to Fetterman and other Dems to sway mid-term elections

– Sam Bankman-Fried had pledged $1 billion to Dems by 2024 (he was the 2nd largest contributor for the DEMs in 2022 btw)

– Globalist media outlets like Reuters and Forbes then attacked rival exchange Binance

– Binance CEO CZ needed just two tweets to bring down the FTX fraud

Is anybody really surprised that a tribesman would steal hundreds of millions of dollars through fraud, give some of it to Democrats, and then declare bankruptcy?

Watch how quickly this gets swept under the rug.

The story is juicy but what lies underneath is far too dangerous for the big players so it will end with some salacious details and “misappropriation” of funds and then quietly relegated to the dustbin of history.

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Also, it looks like the Biden regime sent money to Ukraine, which was converted to crypto via FTX, which was then converted back and donated to Dems.

This is some black belt Jew-Jitsu.

Some people are continually surprised and puzzled that the .gov doesn’t crack down on these crypto Ponzi casinos with their printed unregistered securities and pump n dump schemes.

They apparently don’t realize that the entire financial industry, from the Fed and the Treasury on down, run the exact same playbook.

Replace FTT token with Treasury bond and explain the difference.

It’s all a confidence game, as soon as a big holder starts dumping Treasury debt the way CZ started dumping FTT and people lose confidence, that scam collapses too.

Only that will be the entire global financial system instead of FTX.

Then the same people who don’t understand this, buy the .gov line that every crypto Ponzi blow-up is somehow an excuse for more regulation of Bitcoin, an asset that isn’t printed out of thin air for free by some central entity, and actually trades on such a liquid market that it’s the first thing dumped by the exchange scammers to raise liquidity when their scams collapse.

But since the .gov says it “uses too much energy” which is allegedly boiling the ocean, they’re willing to lump it in with FTT and Dogecoin and Cumrocket.

Instead, the “edgy” crowd bashes fiat and bonds and piles into the one hard asset that global central bankers own tons and tons of.

Seems like a solid plan.


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