The Truth about the So-Called Covid Vaccine

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by Chris Black

If you took the mRNA gene therapy aka the Pfizer/Moderna/Astra Zeneca vaccine, you are unintelligent, uninformed, and incapable of making a rational judgment.

 Sorry, but that is the absolute truth.

Anyone that studies the actual vaccine, the research behind it, and the internal memos of known and potential side effects, would never take it.

 The greatest lie ever told is that the supposed vaccines are safe and effective.

Point one: The vaccines were never put through stage one testing on lab animals. Why? Because side effects are immediate. If seven out of ten lab animals die, the vax program is dead.

Point two: The claims of efficacy are impossible to make based on the Phase two trials. Out of 68k subjects, only a very small amount of people ever tested positive. 

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More precisely, a few hundred. Out of that even fewer were hospitalized. The “infected” people were well under the margin of error.

 You cannot make any claim of efficacy from such a small sample. A real trial would be vaccinating 500 people, leaving 500 unvaccinated, and then exposing all of them to a pathogen. 

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If 490 unvaccinated get sick and only ten vaxed do, then you can claim 90% efficacy. That is the only way.

Point three: You absolutely can’t make a claim of safety with less than a year of tests. 

Safety profiles of trial vaccines are done over a period of five to ten years. Jabbing a few billion people with an untested new type of drug is insane.

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 In fact, this is an absolute crime against humanity. If a doctor from a country injected every prisoner of war with an experimental drug, that doctor would be arrested for war crimes and be executed. 

What is going on is unprecedented in history.

 All for a supposed virus that isn’t lethal for anyone that is healthy, and barely lethal to people with multiple health problems, just like the flu, the common cold, pneumonia etc.

However, the official government narrative is that Covid is 100% fatal if you are unvaccinated, and the vaccine is 100% safe and effective.

How are you not going to believe that?


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