The Truth About the Uprising in Israel

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by Chris Black

No one in the MSM will tell you this:

The real conflict going on within Jewry in Israel is not ideological. 

Jews whether in America or Israel don’t actually believe in liberal democracy, and the Israeli deep state (judiciary, intelligence, etc) all support Netanyahu’s imperial and exterminationist ambitions. 

The turmoil is rooted in Netanyahu’s belief that the US is finished and no longer has the means to advance its interests globally. The Israeli deep state knows that even if this is true, they have no choice but to ride whatever waves America is causing out because nobody no superpower is going to defer to them like this ever again. 

Both Xi Jinping and Vladimir Putin likely understand that diaspora Jewry are behind attacks on their respective states. 

This explains why they are making Iran a key partner in their new alliance. 

If things continue on their current trajectory, Iran, its proxies, and the diplomatic, military, and economic aid provided by China and Russia to them will push Israel back to its 1948 borders or worse. 

They correctly see empowering Iran against Israel as the way to kick USA in the balls and cause chaos and fractures within the real global power structure. It seems to be working. 

Netanyahu wants to consolidate his power as dictator to be able to refuse Antony Blinken’s demands that they stop trading with China and support the Ukraine war. He knows Washington can’t possibly fight Russia, China and Iran at the same time and wants to hedge his bets. 

Bibi and co understand that their Jewish benefactors in the USA do not understand the gravity of the situation, but when all is said and done, there really aren’t any good choices left for Israel or world Jewry more broadly.

The only thing Israel has to offer to Russia and China is influence in the USA.  

Netanyahu wants to be dictator of Israel so he has the power to unilaterally sell US military and political secrets, possibly even more (since the Israelis have Pegasus and spyware on all communications for Western leaders and likely a bottomless well of blackmail material) at fire sale prices to China and Russia in hopes of getting some sort of short-term concession from them in the future. 

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Jews in the US, West and much of Israel don’t want this because they’re under the impression that they can take on the world and win. 

Of course, in public the ADL, WJC, AJC, etc all close ranks and express unconditional support no matter what Israel does.

 But behind the scenes, the Israelis are likely asking Israeli agents Antony Blinken, Greenblatt, etc why American Jews are sending all of NATO’s weapons to Ukraine and pushing China-Iran-Russia together when they need the Atlanticist butt-goys fresh and armed for a clash with Iran.



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