The Truth About the US “Economy”

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by Chris Black

The USA has been in a terminal decline since 1971.

The offshoring of the foundation of the US economy began in earnest. Everyone alive during the 1970s knew something was very wrong.

The US had a brief respite from 1981 to 1989 thanks to the Boomers hitting their peak age and having children. American patriotism and nationalism made a brief comeback.

The Gulf War and the short early ’90s recession just brought back the feeling that something was wrong.

Clinton came along as an anti-Bush candidate and won. The average American didn’t understand that Clinton was really a deep state figurehead and the plans hatched in the 1970s were going to be put in overdrive.

After 2000 the USA entered into a depression that has lasted for over two decades.

The only bright spot has been the massive excess in the speculative stock market that has become 100% of the economy.

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Profitless companies are worth trillions of dollars, corporations that if they were to disappear tomorrow, there would be no consequence other than fictional money being vaporized.

We are supposed to believe we have a $22 trillion economy.

Out of what?

This hollowed out shell of a nation?

The GDP of 1985, the strongest year of real commerce anyone can claim since the 1950s was only $4.3 trillion.

That’s less than the US government spends on its budget in 2022.

Do you really see five 1985s out there?

Think of the number of stores, manufacturing companies, restaurants, and everything else of 1985.

Today they are almost all gone, replaced by mega conglomerates.

There is also another thing: the United States record for car sales happened in 1977, back when GDP was just above $2 trillion.

But since fraud is now the #1 product produced in America, it is plausible to make $22 trillion of it.

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