The Truth about Walls

by Mark Angelides

Walls are everywhere. They keep the roof above your head. They keep you safe. They allow you some privacy and self-respect. Yet to listen to the MSM, you’d think walls were the most heinous creations in history. And of course…Walls are Racist.  Who says that? Well the Mexican Foreign minister for one. And of course almost everyone out there in the streets protesting Donald Trump.
But walls are actually the least discriminatory object ever made. They don’t care who gets blocked. They don’t care if it’s your property that you’re trying to access. Walls truly are colorblind. So the argument must be with the intent behind the wall.
So why would someone want to build a wall between two separate nations?
Security is one of the major reasons behind the wall. If people can cross your national border and then move freely from state to state. It is almost impossible to find them, especially if you don’t know that they are in the country.  The act of allowing someone to roam freely around your country who may be a pedophile on the run, a rapist, a murderer, a terrorist looking for an easier route in, is irresponsible. The citizens of the breeched country will be the victims.
The incredibly huge majority of people who illegally enter the US can and should be accused of no other crime then illegally entering the US. But if even one in a million is a criminal who murders or hurts someone, then with whom does the responsibility lie: The person or government that did not do their duty to protect.
Let people come legally and they have to give identity papers, criminal background checks and they and their children can live happily and without fear of deportation, being the productive and often inspirational people that they are.

Standard of living is a large consideration, too. If you have an unknown number of people coming to your house for the weekend, how do you prepare. How much food should you get in, where will they all sleep. Not knowing means that you cannot plan appropriately. The same goes with a country, except the effects can be more devastating.
How many new school places, teachers and actual schools will you need in the next 5 years? How many more hospital staff, beds, resources do you need to organize before the quality of care suffers? How many new houses? How do you plan a state budget? How do you plan for effective policing when you don’t know the ratios involved? A country with no idea how many new people may arrive in the next 5 years is a country that will eventually fail in its duty of care to its citizens.
Putting the logical reasons for a wall aside. It seems that the attacks are actually aimed at President Trump rather than specifically the wall. If the protestors were really protesting the wall (or the intent o secure borders behind that action), then surely they should also be protesting the 65 nation states that either have or are in the process of building physical barriers on their borders!
Or why not ask the Mexican government why they maintain a controlled border with Guatemala? Or why the UK government spent taxpayer money on a wall to stop people illegally entering the UK in 2016 (even though it is an island surrounded by the ocean) and there was no international condemnation.
This is nothing more than a direct assault on President Trump. The Left want him to seem ineffective and they try this by hampering every electoral promise he tries to fulfill. They don’t care about a wall, they never did.

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8 thoughts on “The Truth about Walls”

  1. The wall is a metaphor for the need of this nation and Mexico to collaborate in devising a
    ‘fail-safe’ immigration system that is flexible, rational and rigorous in controlling & protecting
    citizens of both nations. The CIA Drug Cartel operations are barrier that must be dealt with
    before a law can be set in place. The best response is harsh law enforcement on both sides
    of the border. A system of indestructible well-documented identification system is vital.

  2. In order to illustrate what a sheltered life I have lived; Up until a few months ago I didn’t know that Mexicans were from a different race than the rest of us. I,myself, have always thought of being a member of the “human race”, so what does that make those who are coming across our borders illegally ??? If they are not members of the “human race” then they must truly be some kind of alien life form. I don’t think they would care to be classed as some kind of animal.

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