The Demonization of Russia

by Mark Angelides

The almost constant MSM attack on Russia is not only hypocritical, it’s dangerous. In a time when the US is casting off Obama and Bush’s legacy of warmongering and division, President Trump is doing what any responsible leader should: building bridges with old enemies, reinforcing old friendships and trying to perform his duty of care to the country.
But all of these acts are greeted with scorn and criticism. And none more so than trying to make nice with Russia.
Having a stable, friendly, mutually rewarding relationship with Russia is not only a positive thing; it’s the morally right thing. Whether or not you believe that Vladimir Putin is a bad man or a killer, as Trump’s protestors constantly scream: one man does not represent the whole nation.
This is why when America’s media are decrying the division in society and the demonization of foreigners; they should really have a look in the mirror. President Putin is democratically elected. He has put Russia first and is met with almost complete approval by his people. The media believe that this is dangerous. But what they don’t say is that they believe it dangerous for their agenda.
We hear about the illegitimacy of President Putin and his fixed elections, but not a word about the Iraqi or Venezuelan governments that are rated as the two of the most corrupt in the world. So where is the cry to not deal with them? Where are the placards denouncing them?

They scream about the safety of Iraqi people, but if they really believed Putin was evil, wouldn’t they scream for the safety of the Russian people? This is a double standard. Were Putin really a dictator in a cloak of democracy, the logic follows that they should be asking for support of the Russian citizens, like the do with Syria’s Bashar al Assad. But no. This is not about what they really feel. This is about the idea that two strong nations can jointly ignore the squealing of the liberal elite with impunity.
Neither President Trump nor President Putin need these people in their plans to put their countries first. And this is where their anger comes from: impotence. They don’t need the PACs or SuperPACs, they don’t need the Lobbying companies’ funds, all they need is their convictions and the democratic mandate that they have won.
Actually, they need one more thing: the support of patriots who believe that their leader should put them first.