The Divine Worship of Obamacare

by Mark Angelides

There is a certain truth to Obamacare, it has a purpose, it has a goal. But that goal is not to save lives. That purpose is not to ensure that all Americans get adequate health care. And the truth is, it really has nothing to do with your well-being. That is why so many people in government are trying to keep it in place despite its massive flaws.
Obamacare, or Affordable Health Care for America Act (the ACA), began its present incarnation in 2009. Its roots however can be traced back to a 1989 paper by Stuart Butler PhD writing for the Heritage Foundation entitled: Assuring Affordable Health Care for All Americans. Since then of course, the Heritage Foundation has become mired in “racist controversy” for suggesting that immigration costs money.
But what if the ACA was never meant to actually help sick people get well? There are many social health care programs around the world that have been running successfully for years.
Take the UK’s NHS for example. It began in 1948 and has since that day provided health care and emergency services free at the point of use for every British citizen (and many non-British). It is paid for out of general taxation and covers everything.* Administered drugs are not paid for by the individual, prescription drugs are free for the less wealthy, young and elderly.  If President Obama wanted all citizens to receive proper care, surely he would have chosen a model similar to this?
Have a look at this table. Consider if any other government project was wrong by this much. Would it have been repealed?


Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plans Projections Actual
2010: Medicare Actuary 375,000 enrollments1 48,8791
By 2013: Congressional Budget Office  
700,000 enrollments2
Cost Per Enrollee

An actual disaster laid out in black and white. So why are its supporters still pushing it?
Obamacare is actually a form of “Managed Competition”. And this is a particularly perverse way of dealing with actual people. John Goodman in his amazing article writes:
“It means that everybody in the system – every buyer and every seller – is facing the wrong price in every transaction. And that means that every single participant in the market faces perverse incentives.
On the buyer side, everyone potentially will end up with the wrong kind of insurance. Since healthy buyers are over-charged, their incentive is to under-insure. Since less healthy buyers are under-charged, their incentive is to over-insure. On the seller side, the incentive is to attract the healthy and avoid the sick. Once people have enrolled, the perverse incentives don’t go away. The temptation will be to over-provide to the healthy (to keep the ones they have and attract more of them) and to under-provide to the sick (to encourage the exodus of the ones they have and discourage entry by any more of them). “
One of largest insurers, Aetna, announced recently that it would be pulling out of the ACA because people were “sicker than anticipated”. Therefore less profits.

So the ACA doesn’t provide the best possible care. It is ineffective both in patient protection and cost. But they keep pushing it!
Here’s a list of some very probable reasons why:

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  • It is a way of getting information on US citizens: Details that are private to you, personal history, family history etc… are collated and can be updated annually. The database on “the deplorables” keeps growing.
  • Vaccination: As part of a strategy to force vaccination on people and most especially children.
  • For Big Pharma: Only certain treatments and drugs are approved under ACA. These are owned by drug companies. If no alternative is allowed, they own a monopoly on treatment.
  • It’s just a stepping stone to a single payer plan.”Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid when he asked whether Obamacare was merely a step towards single payer responded “Yes, yes. Absolutely, yes.”

Don’t buy into the lies. ACA is not for your benefit. It never was. If you want the US to have a healthy, secure health system that really works for the good of all, look at examples in other parts of the world that do work. Do your own research and write to your public representatives. Don’t let it continue and undermine the well-being of you and your family.
* Certain dental procedures are not automatically covered. However, if you are a low earner or non-worker, they are.


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