The Mainstream Media Treats Liberal Women And Conservative Women In Such Contrasting Manners That It Is Impossible To Go Unnoticed.

By Gabrielle Seunagal
Left wing women are showered with praise in the media, while right wing women are harshly censured. During the 2016 Presidential Election, Hillary Clinton and Melania Trump were treated very differently. Distasteful liberal bias reared its ugly head, once again.

Democrat nominee, Hillary Clinton was applauded for the white pantsuit that she wore to the third Presidential Debate. The media linked her attire to the Women’s Suffrage Movement and their connotations of virginal purity. Mrs. Clinton’s pantsuit was reported as having “invoked patriotism and the history of women’s struggle for political equality in America.” Soon-to-be First Lady, Melania Trump, wore a stunning white dress when she spoke at the Republican National Convention, but unlike Hillary Clinton, Melania’s fashion choices were not paid tribute to. The media branded Mrs. Trump’s white dress as not “American” enough and insinuated that she attempted to portray herself as the “right” kind of immigrant. These accusations are libelous and outrageous. When Mrs. Clinton wore white, she was applauded, yet Mrs. Trump was criticized for wearing white. If Melania Trump were a Democrat, the news anchors and journalists would sing her praises and paint her as a loving mother and successful immigrant.

Moreover, Chelsea Clinton and Ivanka Trump are also treated differently by the media. Ivanka is bombarded with inquiries of her father’s conduct towards women, yet Chelsea is never asked of father’s infamous history with women, despite him being repeatedly accused of rape and impeached for lying about his torrid affair with Monica Lewinsky. These offenses are far greater than any locker room talk that the President engaged in 13 years ago.
Over time and extensive thought, I concluded that conclusion that liberals are subjected to favoritism in the media merely because they are inferior to conservatives. On average, conservative Americans are better than liberal Americans. The media is compelled to “level the playing field” by purposefully painting the Left in an admirable light while doing the opposite for the Right. Conservative Americans hold ourselves to a higher standard. Our men are more refined, our women are more beautiful, and studies have proven that we are happier. The stark contrast between Melania Trump and Hillary Clinton, Tomi Lahren and Rosie O’Donnell speaks volumes. The media justifies their bias against women who lean right of center based on the findings mentioned above.

American media outlets have a duty to present fair and balanced coverage to the people of this nation. If Ivanka Trump is questioned about her father, Chelsea Clinton should be subjected to the same treatment. The same principle applies to Hillary Clinton and Melania Trump. No person, party, or nominee should be subjected to favoritism or bias due to their political affiliations.

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    • The same liberal who told the world how dangerous and untrustworthy Shitlery Clinton was, ONLY to turn around and act as her attack dog when Trump won?
      I used to support her, until she showed her true color. Fuck her.


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