The truth behind viral college acceptance reaction videos – An investigation by the NYT reveals Ivy League schools have been admitting students from unaccredited high schools with 100% graduation rates.

by AssuredlyAThrowAway

The schools charge $725 a month to attend, have no books and require students to teach themselves.

this kind of conspiracy, to provide fake transcripts, undermines the very foundations of our education system. These students will often times be woefully unprepared for a University curriculum, and the Ivy League schools who failed to recognize the fraud in question (even in the context of their multi billion dollar endowments and complex admission processes) have done a disservice to every student who had applied based on an honest transcript.

I imagine the revelation of this conspiracy will also add further weight to the current lawsuits against schools like Harvard, who stand accused of racial discrimination against Asians by way of their current application process.. While the Ivy League schools may have noble and well-intentioned aims, the practical result of their admissions policies allowed these students to be exploited by the operators of unaccredited high schools.

*More information about these fake schools, and their impact on those students who do “graduate” and pursue higher education, can be found here;