THE TRUTH HURTS: Chicago Mayor Enraged at Ted Cruz for Telling the Truth About Gun Violence in Her City.

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via pjmedia:

It’s totally understandable that Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot is touchy about gun violence in her city. The city is a shooting gallery with citizens little more than clay pigeons.

Last weekend was a typical holiday weekend in Chicago: 7 dead, 41 shot. Lightfoot’s answer to the violence? More gun control, of course.

Senator Ted Cruz tweeted a response to that idea:

The comment struck a nerve with Lightfoot — not just because Cruz is right, but because of who he is: a pro-gun, Republican conservative.

Lightfoot lost it.

“Keep our name out of your mouth”? Cruz didn’t tweet anything revolutionary. All he did was point out the obvious: gun laws don’t affect the ease with which criminals can get their hands on a weapon. All the gun control measures in the world — any and all laws ever proposed by any anti-gun hysteric — will not lower Chicago’s murder rate. Putting violent offenders behind bars will.



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