“The Truth is the Greatest Enemy of the State” Joseph Goebbels. Brexit and the UK government’s propaganda war against their own people.

by Ian Shilling

If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to repeat it.
The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or miltary consequences of the lie.
It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the Truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the Truth is the greatest enemy of the State.

So said Joseph Goebbels.

This statement has never been more true than it is today, in the so called Western “democracies” – actually Corporate Oligarchies (Big Lie number 1) and especially in Theresa May’s Extreme Neocon Fascist Globalist UK government.

Big Lie Number 2 
The UK government is currently running a Propaganda War against its own people in an organized Mass Disinformation Campaign called the “Integrity Initiative” to push the Russia Hoax.

This campaign consists of:

A £2.2m UK government (i.e. taxpayer) funded core of extreme Neocons who are paid Lobbyists for the War Industry and do nothing but tell lies all the time.

A group of Neocon War Propaganda mainstream media hacks, to push the UK government’s desired propaganda in their “newspaper” columns and articles on TV and to “amplify the message” using, their usually large, social media accounts..

A group of Foreign Office officials to co-ordinate the disinfo propaganda efforts.

The workings of this group has recently been exposed, because their records have recently been hacked and published online.

A full analysis by a team of British academics, including Piers Robinson, on the workings of this propaganda group known as the “Integrity Initiative” from the “Institute of Statecraft”, has just been published and is available here:

Craig Murray has also written a series of excellent articles on this, here is his latest:-

British Security Service Infiltration, the Integrity Initiative and the Institute for Statecraft

This group is primarily concerned with pushing the UK government lies on its primary agenda of provoking conflict with Russia and gaslighting the public on all things Russian.
The UK government lies on Russiagate, the non-existent “Russian meddling”, the non-existent “Russian threat” and the “non-existent “Russian trolls” are Big Lie number 2, in this article.

Obviously the same network can also be used to push propaganda on other subjects such as pushing the government’s lies on Brexit or covering up its War Crimes in Syria etc.

The group is actively involved in smearing Jeremy Corbyn and (the non-Blairite parts of) the Labour Party with false accusations – See Big Lie number 4, below.

It also meddles in other countries internal domestic policies and has recently boasted of preventing Pedro Baños, who is somewhat sympathetic to Russia, from being appointed to the post of Director of Spain’s Department of Homeland Securit.

British Government’s Secret Disinfo and Psyops Network: Integrity Initiative Debunked by Anonymous

This group also smears active dissenters to the UK government’s Neocon policies or the UK government’s lies. I myself have been targeted by Ben Nimmo of the Atlantic Council and by Deborah Haynes, who is a paid disinfo hack working for Rupert Murdoch’s media outlets.

The main British Group members.
Basically ALL of these people are working for the War Industry, directly against the interests of ordinary Brits.

The British media is operating an almost complete blackout (apart from one Scottish newspaper) on this UK government funded, Major Disinfo Propaganda Network, which in any functional democracy, with any functioning “Free Press”, would be headline news for days on end, both in the British media and other Western media as well – which just goes to prove they are ALL completely controlled.

Chris Williamson (Labour MP) has embarked on a major campaign to expose Theresa May’s Propaganda Campaign against Jeremy Corbyn and the UK’s Labour Party – as well as its other activities.
He and Shadow Foreign Secretary Emily Thornberry have asked questions in the House and received deliberate lies from UK government ministers.

This recent exposure needs to be pushed HARD, to wake more people up to the Establishment’s pervasive lies.

The latest article by the Daily Record – the only British newspaper reporting on this major UK government scandal:-

Tory  minister ‘misled Parliament’ over Government-funded infowars attack on Jeremy Corbyn.
An MP has taken aim at Foreign Office minister Alan Duncan over the Institute of Statecraft and demanded a probe into a  Scottish-based black ops Twitter attack on Labour.

Keep pushing on the easily debunked other major government lies as well.
The total control of the media as demonstrated above, explains how the government (or Deep State) can get away with telling so many ridiculous and obvious lies, without being called out on them by the Mass Media.

READ  TWITTER afraid of Truth ---again!

Where are the Skripal’s

Nothing has been heard of from the Skripal’s or the Skripal False Flag poisoning case since the last set of total bunkum issued by the UK government and Bellingcrap / Elliot Higgins / DFR Lab.

Where are they?

Skripal Poisoning Update – The Alleged Russian Poisoners and the UK Government’s Lies

NOTHING stands up to scrutiny in the official UK government narrative on the Skripal poisonings.
The primary suspect remains Theresa May and MI5/MI6 (or the whole thing is a hoax).
Other suspects include the CIA or Hillary Clinton Associates (see article for full list).

What has happened to the full OPCW report from the alleged gas attack in Douma, Syria in April?

I haven’t seen anything.
The OPCW have already stated no traces of Sarin (or similar) nerve agents were found – directly contrary to the categorical (and 100% false) claims made by the US & UK governments in early April.
The draft OPCW findings also stated there were only nebulous traces of chlorinated chemicals found, which could easily have come from (and probably did) domestic or light industrial products such as detergents or water purification products.

The reason the OPCW are not issuing their full, final report is because it was a staged False Flag event carried out by the Jaish-al-Islam (Army of Islam) extremist Salafi Terrorists who controlled that area at the time of the alleged gas attack.

BOTH the US & UK governments KNEW it was a staged event by the terrorists, when they carried out their War Crime of bombing Syria with 100 cruise missiles on April 13, 2018.

The evidence for the Douma False Flag staged event and other recent False Flags are documented in here:

Ian56 (Ian Shilling) shows up BBC lies.
Ian56 Interview with BBC reporter Gabriel Gatehouse @ggatehouse for Newsnight

Big Lie Number 3
The Truth About Theresa May, Brexit and the European Union – none of which is ever reported in the UK mainstream media. 

Theresa May, who is a Neocon Globalist (and thus anti UK and a traitor to the UK) voted to Remain in the UK’s Brexit Referendum in Jun 2016.
She became Prime Minister after David Cameron resigned immediately after the vote in the Referendum went against the Globalists.

How anyone could possibly think that a Globalist Remainer, like Theresa May, would ever negotiate the UK’s exit from the EU is beyond a joke.

And indeed Theresa May, right from the start, from when she was appointed PM in July 2016 set out to sabotage Brexit and prevent the UK from leaving, while all the time saying she was “working hard on the UK’s exit”.

Twitter thread on this subject:-

Australian TV gives hard TRUTHS about Theresa May’s disastrous Hotel California “deal” & TOTAL Capitulation to the anti democracy EU.
Thread: Truth about May’s disastrous deal, the real purpose & agenda of the EU & Neoliberal Globalists like Tony Blair

WOW! Sky News Australia tells the Truth on Theresa May, #Brexit & her total failure & incompetence in “negotiations” with the EU. Much better than any of the total crap we are being force fed on British TV.
(Video clip)


Big Lie number 4 and Kill the Messenger
Big lie number 4 is “anti Zionism equals anti-semitism”.
This is one of the biggest lies of the late 20th and early 21st centuries and is patently absurd on it’s face.
Criticisizing the policies or actions of the Israeli government does NOT mean criticism of all Jews.
Many Israeli Jews criticisize the policies and actions of their own Netanyahu, Likud Party, led government.
Netanyahu only has a razor thin majority of one seat in the Israeli parliament (the Knesset) and is hanging on by a thread.
There are (or were) large weekly protests against his corruption in Tel Aviv, saying he must go (he has now been charged by the Police but is trying to deflect and delay the charges being heard).
Saying that criticism of Netanyahi’s government is “antisemitic” as the Israeli Lobby continually pushes, is akin to saying criticism of GW Bush’s Iraq invasion is “anti American” or criticism of Theresa May is “anti British”.
It is TOTALLY ridiculous.

Similarly criticisizing Israel itself is NOT antisemitic.
The behavior of Israeli Jews in Israel, such as the building of illegal settlements on the West Bank, or the siege and mass slaughter in Gaza is NOT a criticism of all Jews.
Many Jews inside and outside Israel criticize these policies.

READ  THE TRUTH HURTS: Chinese state media is not happy after university think tank reveals CCP’s human rights violations.

Saying “criticism of Israel is antisemitic” would be akin to saying criticism of the behavior of Robert Mugabe’s government in Zimbabwe or a section of Zimbabweans is racist against all black people, as a race.
It is patently ABSURD.
All black people do not live in Zimbabwe, neither do all black people support Robert Mugabe.

However Israel cannot stand up to legitimate scrutiny or criticism because it commits so many human rights abuses, in its ethnic cleansing policies and its brutal persecution of the Palestinians and its Apartheid system , where all non-Jews are second class citizens.

So the Israeli Lobby has to come up with a rhetorical trick to deflect:

We always call people Antisemitic if they legitimately criticize Israel – “Its a trick, we always use it” – Former Israeli Cabinet Minister, Shulamit Aloni

Shulamit Aloni made these comments in an interview with Democracy Now some time ago:
The video clip youtu.be/D0kWAqZxJVE

Gilat Atzmon is a former Israeli Jew, now living in London, who has been strongly critical of Israel and the Israeli government for many decades.
Here is his blog and his personal statement on his views, which is a must read:

Gilad is often falsely accused of being “antisemitic” or being a “self-hating Jew”.
As above, the Israeli Lobby cannot stand up to legitimate criticism of Israel so it has to falsely smear and “Kill the Messenger” of any who do.

Gilat has been subjected to a false libel case which totally lacks legitimacy, by the Israeli Lobby and has asked for financial help in covering the substantial legal fees which were required to defend himself against these false charges in London’s High Court:
See this: www.redressonline.com/2018/11/gilad-atzmon-appeal-for-support/

He is also facing persecution from many directions in carrying out his profession as a Jazz Musician and public speaker and has generated significant public support against this persecution.

Killing the Messenger 2
So Chris Williamson, the British MP who is now doggedly trying to expose the UK’s Mass Disinformation and Propaganda Campaign “Integrity Initiative” to a wider public audience in the face of a Mass Media Blackout, signed a petition in support of Gilat Atzmon.

The Israeli attack dogs were immediately called out and huge swathes of the UK Israeli Lobby set out to viciously attack Chris Williamson on the completely false charge of “antisemitism”.
The attacks consisted of public statements and a huge quantity of social media postings.

This is how the Disinfo Propagandists continually work.
They cannot attack the message because the message is True, so they attack, character assassinate, financially ruin, and sometimes jail, the Messenger.

This is also how false allegations of “antisemitism being widely present in the UK Labour Party” have been spread over the last 3 years, since Jeremy Corbyn became leader.
The Israeli Lobby do not like Jeremy Corbyn because he is not a rabid supporter of Israel, so they have mounted a concerted disinfo campaign to try and character assassinate him to try and prevent him becoming PM, by smearing him and his supporters with completely false allegations.

Anti Zionism IS NOT Anti-semitism and anyone who says differently is a BRAZEN LIAR.

Gilat Atzmon and now Chris Williamson are both now victims of false allegations of antisemitism by the extremely powerful Israeli Lobby.

“Kill the Messenger” is used against just about every major Whistleblower or Truth Teller the Establishment doesn’t like.

Previous famous names among the long list of victims include:
Martin Luther King
Garry Webb (exposed major CIA drugs trafficking into California)
Edward Snowden
Glenn Greenwald
and the Journalist who is under the most concerted current attack of slander, libel and false smears for character assassination and kidnapping to the US for torture in a US jail on false charges of “Espionage”- Julian Assange.

Journalism is NOT a Crime.
But the Establishment would like to make it one, and to destroy what little remains of the Free Press – now almost exclusively confined to the Alternative Media.

Gary Webb’s story was made into a book and a movie “Kill the Messenger”.
He “committed suicide” with two shots to the head.
This is literally “Killing the Messenger”.

My previous article on the Establishment’s Mass Media Disinfo Campaign:

The #Russiagate Hoax and the “Integrity Initiative” to Gaslight the public with more “Russia Threat” lies


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