The U.S. can’t stop printing. Every week there’s $100 billion for Ukraine, $200 billion for defense, $300 billion for chips….

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Most Americans have ‘little to no savings and nearly HALF are falling deeper into debt because of rising inflation’: Economists put chance of recession at 47 percent over the next 12 months

  • A LendingTree survey of 1,008 Americans in July found that 43 percent of consumers will take on additional debt in the next six months
  • Another poll from Bankrate found 51 percent of Americans had little to no savings or emergency funds lined up 
  • More than a third also reported having less savings than they did in 2021
  • It comes as inflation, which hit a 41-year high last month at 9.1 percent, has eaten away at people’s savings with the soaring costs of goods and services
  • The troubles are expected to be compounded as economists said there was nearly a 50 percent chance of a recession will hit in the next 12 months 
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