The Ukraine Forcing Ethnic Hungarians to Fight Russia

by Chris Black

Democracy can’t defend itself democratically.

Ukrainian press gangs are now targeting foreigners.

Kinda hilarious, actually.

Jews were allowed to leave the country en masse a year ago when this all started, by the way.

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 Just so you know.


Ethnic Hungarians living in Ukraine are being enrolled in its armed forces to fight Russia, Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Szijjarto has claimed. Kiev’s crisis “is not our war” but it hurts Hungarian people, the official stated, which is why Budapest wants it resolved swiftly.

Unfortunately, “peace is rarely spoken about, and those who talk about it are even stigmatized and criticized,” the top Hungarian diplomat argued, speaking on the sidelines of an open debate at the UN Security Council on Thursday. Hungarians are paying a price for it, both economically and with their lives, he added.

“In addition to Ukrainians, Hungarians also die in this war, since Hungarians living in Transcarpathia are being conscripted into the Ukrainian army, too. We’ve seen some footage in recent days of how brutal it sometimes is,” Szijjarto told journalists.



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