The Ukrainians Now Have Stinger MANPADs, What Can Go Wrong?

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by Chris Black

This unironically has all factors to end even worse than Dirlewanger ever been.

Imagine a Group of Narcos and outlaws from all kinds in Ukraine with access to ATGMs and MANPADs?

Americans should be very concerned about the US-supplied weapons to Ukraine ending up in 🌎 Americas’ Black markets

What could go wrong if a Sinaloa/CJNG-style Cartel ended buying US-made ATGMs or MANPADs from a Rogue Militia operating underground in post-War Ukraine?

The Russians are also rumoured to bring Syrian AL-Qaeda (ISIS basically) to fight against Ukraine. ISIS+ MANPADS (they captured a lot of Ukrainian gear) = BIG LOVE. I’d love to fly commercial in EU, not…

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An interesting photo from Telegram of a Ukrainian combatant with FIM-92 “Stinger” MANPADS.

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